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  1. No live count as such, one of the project guys will semi-regularly post a manual update in the Kickstarter comments - check the filtered comments here: http://www.kickstart...sidian/comments thanks. i saw 99,266.33 as of some time today on paypal. so it's about 3.43 right now.. just 70K in 23 hours
  2. that's fair. i wanted the wallpapers/ringtones/books. so that's what i got. as for "messing up" your tier, no. it won't. You'll just go to the "manage my pledge" section (from the button) and then you can select a new tier. In my case, i started at 20, then bumped to 50, then i added 7 for the guide. you'd just do the same thing. Manage, then select the tier you want. it'll change your pledge to that tier amount, then you can manually change the pledge to put more money in, for any of the add-ons. hope this helps
  3. are you looking for anything in particular? if you are looking to pledge 60-70 bucks, there's the digital $50 tier and add 7 for a strat guide. or stay at the 36 and just add another 20-30 to your pledge but as i said, down for 57 now, but the expansion for 20 and almanac for another 15? idk if i can drop another 35 bucks. I mean, that'd put me at 92.
  4. not sure if this has been answered in other topics, but i'm curious. what will hapen to these classes/dungeons/levels...etc if the stretch goals aren't met? i.e. will pallys/chanters (bards) be added in with a future expansion (paid?) I played a bard in my first D&D game, and totally rocked it. I'd love to give it another go. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info! I saw the KS from a tweet, and decided to back the game. haven't been able to get too involved outside of pledging the $$. Looking forward to everything. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Do they use the same email you registered with compared to what you have with kickstarter?
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