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  1. Young enough to have been way to young to play baldurs gate when I first did all I could remember was that minsc was funny. I killed alot of gnolls, and being devastated when my "best" sword broke. (As I recall I gave up this playthrough when I got to the nashkel mines. not that it had much of a coherent order anyway )
  2. As long as they dont do that thing of using a character model as the picture like NWN2 did... I liked the pictures from baldurs gate but each to their own right? I mean Its probably not going to be complicated to drop a custom in if that is what you want to do....
  3. So did I actually, not sure it should be highest priority but I love a character creation system too complicated for me to completely exploit
  4. Well, just payed my $8 and I would love to join "slightly amusing moniker of the obsidian order" unless anyone has a better suggestion
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