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  1. Sorry that not everybody agrees with you, but please, whine and blame us, we're here to listen... Needless to say that taking a simple opinion for a manifestation of holy entitlement is only indicative of your own state of mind, not my personal claims. Oh, I see you are clairvoyant also. I don't especially meant any of that, actually. Before calling others whatever you like, try not to make those mistakes yourself. I have never said something about the fact that it would be "impossible because it is isometric", so the rest of your reasoning is irrelevant. I admit not having the time to read the whole topic, but I read your first post at least, and what it says along with the title is that you would see your character operate a special move to kill the enemy when having a critical hit or something. Even if it is real-time, with no QTE, camera move nor any other special effect, it is to me rather disruptive to the gameplay if it means triggering a predefined motion you must wait for it to finish. Even two seconds, in the midst of the action, is not pleasant to me, because I don't want the game to take control over me at any point in action. And as I said, often it just adds nothing in style, but rather looks silly in my opinion. The death animations in Fallout and other games are nice, and would fit here if it is just that, animations (I didn't mean how it was implemented in Fallout, since it is turn-based), not a "move". Now if I have slightly misunderstood your point, you'll have to explain it better, and if you have already done that along those pages, please show me. But you can't blame me for assuming that you're still consistent with your first post (as you could always edit it to clarify if it was necessary, and if you're not too lazy to do so ). sorry too lazy to read your reply
  2. It's open to interpretation... If u think im suggestin a hyper lazer from the belly of your character that explodes the screen so be it. tired of explaining because someone is lazy to read the entire topic.
  3. let me explain , he said like the finishers was something absurd for this kinda of game , impossible because it is isometric... to be impossible it must be something that u cant do on this kinda of game.. that is? changin camera, focusin on a player to show the attack , or a chain of buttons or a shakin camera... u name it. He even explains that somethin like fallout would be ok... suggestin wht?
  4. Read the topic first! I will have to post on every page , cause u guys dont read! we are talking about death animations and a little 2 sec animation to finish blow no finishin actions chain, no buttons sequences!! cmon are u guys that dumb? or just trolling? Where did he say anything about chains or button sequences? Finishing moves in an isometric tactical RPG he is thinking of slow motion , change camera or something like a button sequence.
  5. Read the topic first! I will have to post on every page , cause u guys dont read! we are talking about death animations and a little 2 sec animation to finish blow no finishin actions chain, no buttons sequences!! cmon are u guys that dumb? or just trolling? Just a sword slash or a hammer blow to illustrate a killing blow , no lights/fire/slowmotion/shaking camera. just a brutal slash! take the same time as a regular attack, but differs because it was a kill. No more suggestions , too much garbage in this topic , much trolling. Everyone now is calling themselves a die hard rpg fan that knows everythin that is good for old school? Dont even need to read the topic to know that im tryin to ruin "YOUR" game... I will wait till the game is out , the developers knows best wht to do
  6. Maybe i named the topic wrong... people misunderstand Finishing moves by thinking of fatalitys and slow-motions. my bad. Concerning Battle Animations
  7. games have envolved i dont see the animations to be like baldurs gate, 2 attacks animations only slash or thrust.. people are afraid their game is being ruined... i dont want it to be ruined too, just looking for a plus.
  8. You sound like a hater, DAO is not the "example" of rpg for me. But yes it did things right! and the finishers i think came first from fallout. not the animation
  9. You like fallout but dont like finishing moves? interesting... That's not what made fallout great IMO. Well you are right, because it was a little extra, not a feature of the game. Not want to be in the back of the cover "Awesome finishing moves",
  10. as far as I've seen they are going for the simplistic/realistic armor, mix of chainmails and leather. I dont like Full plated for heavy armor. (aesthetically) i would love to see something different. Chainmail + leather.
  11. Yes, something that whould not interfere at all. it must be a plus not a con.
  12. Thanks to those that read the topic. The finishers should not take more than 2-3 secs. No jumps , no flips no sayajins. just a good sharpen blade to the neck , or a hammer knocking down on the impact, or even a bash with the shield. Nothing out of normal, like i said something you would expect in a realistic medieval battle. ( assuming that magic would be normal )
  13. Read the topic first pal. no slow motion as i stated in more than 3 posts... cmon! if you dont want to read the whole topic, than dont post.
  14. You like fallout but dont like finishing moves? interesting...
  15. Ok , you guys dont get it... baldurs gate tried to do it , in it own manner ( for the time the meat explosion was that finisher) not sayin that need flash lights or slow mos, u dont need even to change the camera. its just a different animation than attack, illustrating that he is finished.
  16. Hell no! its annoying.. i rather see how awesome my Character is than hear he braggin.
  17. No for me! 6 party members with full gear to repair does not seems to be a good idea. In elders scrolls u had to carry a hammer with you to repair on the go, because in 5 hits with your weapon the durability goes down, does not make sense.
  18. They had something similar in baldurs gate, when you land a critical the enemy kinda explodes into meat.(we need to upgrade that) See im not taking the idea from action game. Impact and reality helps the game world to feel more alive , believable.
  19. to illustrate a critical hit. Read the post, not talking a bout a God of war style, press square repeatedly and you rip the mage with your bare hands, no.. a violent move that u expect in a axe kill.
  20. Noo it happens in the middle of the battle, you can miss it if you are not looking. You have to score a critical while the enemy has 20-10% hp , that will trigger a finishing animation. something like that , like i said a little extra, not another feature.
  21. Hello everyone! my first post here. Im pretty excited for Porject Eternity as it is expected of any RPG fan! I know the game is yet on its firsts steps of development and its too early to talk about this. Buut if you dont mind a suggestion, what about finishing moves? Let me explain,nothing too fancy,no decapitations or multilations, but effecting, a different animation than your basic attacks. Something like dragon age finishers... it helps immersion and give characteristic to your PC/NPC. A litte example: You are fighting a powerful Wizard, he is givin you a hard time and testing your party tactics, you are getting annoyed by the paralyzes/curses/diseases cast by him... His magic shield is down and your fighter gives the final blow, a fierce slash that rips trough the wizards chest diagonally from shoulder to hip. Not only you feel like you accomplished but because of the epic death you scream "Take that sucker!" and feel more badass. (it can be a arrow to the Head, or a magic projectile with a little more impact to throw the enemy a few squares, something "realistic and natural") Its a little extra to gameplay , that for me it makes great difference, adds a little spice into rpgs battle, that tend to be static. Post your thoughts on this. And Thank you Obsidian for bringing back a real Role Playing Game.
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