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  1. Does anyone have any numbers on fig membership, cause it doesnt really seem that great for the game. Like Wasteland 2 on kickstarter got $2,933,252 from 61290 backers, and Wasteland 3 did get more Money on fig with $3,121,716 but only had 17,707Backers. Just doesnt really seem that great they "lost" that many people. Edit: Actually looking at the Wasteland 3 they only got $871K in plegdes, rest was that fig Money which i guess is still a kind of pledge?
  2. I would like to be able to back on the backersite aswell, already have a kickstarter and indiegogo account, really cant be bothered with a third one for the same thing. Same reason i didnt back Wasteland 3.
  3. That isn't even neccesarry. Obsidian can see how much you pledged after the Kickstarter has ended (if you want your backer badge at least). I dunno why you are all posting links to your kickstarter profiles.... nobody asked for them. I think that someone did it first perhaps casually and the rest is a "chain reaction" in new members..including myself It isn't really needed though and it doesn't prove the +8 dollars. If someone thinks it necessary to prove it, they can take a screenshot of their "My backer history" page. But as dlux said Obsidian will know once KS is over. Well, I did think it weird, but just went with it since everyone else seemed to. Thought it was weird aswell but since i couldnt see myself on the list, figured maybe it was needed afterall.
  4. Seems you forgot me on the list, Ive pledged 288. Didnt know i needed to link so here it is http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1953747431. Hope i can get my title soon aswell.
  5. Been looking at this for awhile now and finally decided to do it. Couldnt find it on the front page, so could i get Executor of the Obsidian Order?
  6. A little off topic but, one thing about kickstarter i still havnt understood is why make those cheap pledges? like 20 dollar one, if that one wasnt there most of the people would most likely have taken the 25, cause 5 isnt really that much more. But when you have 25k people doing it, then its 5x25, which is 125k dollars. Anyone can explain it to me?
  7. it's not about being able to but feeling comfortable buying a classic, text heavy crpg. now imagine 100k lost sales, each in germany, france, spain, poland, italy and russia. at an average rate of around 30$ that makes 18mio wasted. does it sound like a clever move? You got those numbers from anywhere? Cause otherwise it could easily be 1k persons in one country, 3k in another, then matybe 50k in one country. Ofc it could be worth it, but without actual numbers we dont know. Could just spend all the pledge on making the game bigger and better for everyone who pledges, then spend the first sales to translate it.
  8. Me too, but trust me: there are people that when they play would simply have fun, and not be worried about learning English. Well, just goes to show dubbing on kids shows is bad. Subtitles all the way, teach them from they are young.
  9. the prime reason for localization ain't to rise pledges* but to cater for a larger audience after release. the game will do horrible in the long run if they just support english... is that really so very difficult to figure out?! * that's why the translations are only one thing amongst others within a huge update, containing also a whole region, faction, quests, items and npcs. Why would it do horribly? Im fairly certain the amount of people who cant play in english isnt as huge as you make it out to be.
  10. everybody profits from a "wealthy" obsidian. your point is? Ok lets say it costs 200k to translate, and it brings in 100k, then thats a very small playerbase and a waste, for everyone who can speak english. Then again, if it only costs 10k, then even if it only brings in 5k i dont care cause its not alot. Now i dont know the numbers so i dunno if its profitable, but frankly how do people expect to learn english, if they just refuse to touch anything thats english? I learned english through TV shows and gaming, they can too.
  11. The Statement that resources spent in making the game more accesible to people from other countries are wasted is Xenophobic and offesive. Specially when a big ammount of backers are europeans. I can handle myself fine, but many players could really use subtitles, like when you go see a movie that's not on your native language, for example. Im from denmark, thats in europe. My main language is Danish, and yet i still think it would be better to spend money on something that benefits everyone, instead of a small group of the player base. Again, if it doesnt cost much its not a problem to me, but incase it does i would rather it was spend on everyone.
  12. Got nothing to do with xenophobia, Its just a waste of resources that could be spend on making the game bigger and/or better. Ofcourse incase it doesnt take alot of money to translate it, its not a problem. But considering the amount of people affected by the translations compared to the people who would be affected by more content, would be better to spend the money in that direction.
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