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  1. The game was tested, it is simply a matter of nigh infinite number of PC configurations and it is impossible to test each one. Now that it has gone out to a much wider audience things like this are bound to pop up. As to why there is no dev response, maybe they don't know whats causing it, or how to fix it yet. Plus there is an entire board of people having issues, so they cannot sit and post a response to each one realistically. Unless you'd prefer a dev doing that rather than trying to find the issue.
  2. So this didn't work for me precisely, I had to go a little further to avoid the crash. AreaTransition AR_0705_Gilded_Vale North1 got me back to the town and back to adventuring. You beat me to this. I shouldn't have stepped away before posting. =p
  3. I am stuck in raedrics hold, with the bug several people have reported of the game crashing whenever you try to exit it. Is there a way to load back into the town via the console or the like, just anyway to try and escape. I had not had any issues and so didn't keep a save from before I entered. Or perhaps a command that enables the fast travel option on the map?
  4. Unfortunately I am in the same boat as well, stuck inside and cannot leave.
  5. I'm all for exotic swords and armor. Japanese, Chinese, and Middle Eastern swords come to mind. And a barbarian might as well rush into combat with a couple of animal hides stitched together, foregoing protection in favor of mobility. But Conan is a little much. As much as I've loved the movies when I was a kid, I don't think it prudent to go into a swordfight in your underwear. I could go with a class or kit that is specially trained to fight very effectively with no armor, but would still suffer heavy penalties. Well then you certainly should check out some older cultures like German tribes, Gauls, even Celts... Some of them were running into battle naked... I am not saying that majority was doing that, but some were. The idea of an almost naked barbarian is not that far fetched as you may think. There are accounts of celts going into battle naked around 4th-5th century bc , so as not to hamper their mobility, and to intimidate their opponents. Conan really was a rather conservative barbarian in this regard.
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