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  1. Is there a possibility for GOG users to play without the GOG Galaxy client?
  2. I read this in a Donald Trump voice... Sad! Hahaha Trump-mode would be: "Obsidian deny 6th party member for hard working backer. VERY UNFAIR! Make party great again!" :D
  3. 1. Gothic 2. Icewind Dale 3. Pillars of Eternity The Baldur's Gate series is too long ago, I never played it since 2001. The first Icewind Dale I play round about every 5 years again. Gothic too.
  4. The classical sixpack. No question. The two-man-party in NWN was boring, The four-men-party in NWN 2 was better, but not good enough.
  5. Sounds like postal service in your area is gambling. Not so funny at all.
  6. Got e-mail from Paradox on April 10th with "your swag is on the way" and received the parcel (signed collector's box with some add ons) on April 15th. I'm from Germany.
  7. Translation: There! I had succeeded. I have to compliment Obsidian: It captivated me like Baldur's Gate and Co., Planescape: Torment and other comparable role playing games. As a pensioner I had the time, to indulge me in the addiction of this game. It's excellent! Only one thing caught my eye: After complaints concerning the blurring by full zoom the last patch decrease the zoom. I had to restore this via console. The blurring by full zoom never hadn't annoyed me. But I could see the figures in full size. And another one: Why there isn't a German version of the manual, that belongs to the download version? 42 years since high school I don't need English, The remains are enough, to build a new PC and configure the BIOS. but I'm not able, playing a game in English. Edit: Uh! Double posting. Could someone please merge my two posts to one?
  8. Not in all cases. Only if it follows a short spoken vowel. German language - fiddly language.
  9. To have a minimum interest at the story of the game could help. Not playing the game only for the loot and the fighting. Interest for the Characters could help. What they say, what they mean, what there dialogs mean. And interest for the world, the impulse, more to know about the things, how the gameworld is functioning, how it's history, Why they are, how they are. Curiosity about alle aspects of the game, the charakters, the environment. Time. not to rush through the game. The developers made this game in two and a half year - there is no need for hurry, to play it. Take the game as a kind of mental riddle. What can the dialogs, the thoughts, the characters say, teach you. PoE is not only tactical fighting. It's a spiritual story about how we gods see. Are they fictious or real. What means it for the belief, if they are invented?
  10. Size of the Collector's Box is 23,5 cm x 30,3 cm x 7,4 cm (width, length, height). Or non metric: 9" x 12" x 3".
  11. Got e-mail from Paradox on April 10th with "your swag is on the way" and received the parcel today. I'm from Germany.
  12. How about: "They said: 'We have a miniature giant space marshmellow!' And now I' am lying here ..." or "Go for the eyes, fluffle, go for the eyes!"
  13. There are some little bugs in the pledge management site. - You cannot declare the shipping costs till now for example. - Increase of the pledging money in comparison to the KS level is not displayed.
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