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  1. I'll be Digging in soon. I'll let you know what I Uncover. Get it... archaeology! This may be a silly question so let me preface it. I know the backer portal is ending soon. Has any of the backed money after the original campaign ended gone toward the 4 mil stretch goal? Also, does the 40K likes thing still apply for one more level in The Endless Paths? Even if it has to be released late I'd like that to still be viable as we're only >300 likes away.
  2. I'm excited about Chanters and Ziets. With Ciphers and Canters I get my two favorite roles and no one should be annoyed by more writing staff. :D
  3. Go check the stretch goals. He's been added at 2.7 mill. Update should discuss it once it actually lands.
  4. Definitely a legendary order. And as resident archaeologist I know we have a nice collection of artifacts and weapons. The more mundane items are occasionally displayed in the Order's museum because, you know, they belong in a museum.
  5. No worries in waiting. Anyone see anything wrong with using an infinity symbol to abbreviate Obsidian Order in Kickstarter?
  6. Willis - Brewmaster for the Obsidian Order checking in. Good to be about ladies and gents.
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