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  1. Roman gladius also fits this category (crossguard is rather modest )
  2. Last one without spikes would be quite okay, but the rest? (IMO) Terrible - both in style and design.
  3. Many histoical armor have impractical design. For example this Weigtn 60 kg And was probably used by charioteer. So it WAS practical for a guy who didn't need to be mobile on his own feet.
  4. I would like to see slavery not only as it is seen today (pure evil) but also "from inside" of the cultures in PE world. For us slavery is something repulsive but for some nations in the world of PE having a slave could be sign of high status and something positive (so slavers wouldn't be criminals but normal merchants).
  5. And The Witcher 2 budget was bigger than budget of most hyped polish movie last year (1920 Bitwa Warszawska - 9mln USD). Moreover, after fall of communism in Poland (1989) there were only two movies more expensive than The Witcher 2 PC game. I believe that this speaks for itself.
  6. To prevent this I want to say one thing - I would love to see elves with sabres. Why? Because in many fantasy RPGs (computer and pen-and-paper) elves are smaller or lighter than humans, so it should be harder for them to properly use swords (since they rely on chopping and raw energy of a blow). Saber on the other hand are desingned for slashing (generally) and cuve of a blade makes it quite easy even without much energy in strike itself.
  7. Karranthain, sabres are still europocentric (as if being europocentric is something wrong... ) Sabres were used in early modern period in states such as Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsadrom fo Russia, Hungary. In Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth sabre was a symbol of nobility.
  8. Well... for me guy in this armour looks like cheap marvel-design badboy. Next please! And about hitting something with 45 kilo hammer - good luck with swinging it.
  9. Oversized weapon wouldn't help much either. Only lances, pikes and other stuff like this. Slashing and bludgeoning weapons? Same effect as trying to kill somebody with paper cuts. Or break man's skull with pencil.
  10. Yes, it is true. But quite often fantasy artists forget about functionality. And that bothers me. So - ornamental and cool looking - YES But also practical (if those armours and weapons were made not only for a paradeground but also for combat) and plausible.
  11. @Shardbearer: If you are refering to hussar armours - those were pieces used in real combat (even if we support the theory about wingless hussars). Service in hussar chorągiew (unit) was prestigous for a nobleman since those soldiers were very best of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army. And it was rooted in Polish culture to use highly ornamented armour and weapons (Poland was Antemurale Christianitatis or Bulwark of Christianity and constant contancts with Ottoman Empire influenced clothing, weaponry etc.)
  12. I also really like eastern helmets (or european ones influenced by eastern). For example Hussar helmet Or Iranian I know that they are from early modern period, but in a world where we've got wheellocks (also early modern period) it doesn't matter so much.
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