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  1. I think the order is dead tbh, it was a good idea at the time, even the website has been abandoned
  2. *runs through room just to show i am still alive, stops to pet Dablue and tells everyone it's a new year same old sh!t lol
  3. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/522716131/legends-of-dawn Legends of Dawn - Kickstarter Launched Looking good
  4. When the game comes out the site will be inundated, i play Evony with people i have known for a couple of years and we have an alliance room on skype with 100 people, soon as a player stops playing, they dont chat anymore, even peeps i have played with accross two or three servers dont chat anymore if they give up the game, IE, no game=nothing in common=nothing to talk about, i see it al lthe time. So when PE comes out then we will be back in business with Dablue and Batnat and Crabby all comming back to the fold
  5. Lol @ Sister Although Lordcrash Last visited: Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:28 pm Farudan Last visited:------ does not bode well for the site .
  6. There's a new site? this one looks dead http://www.obsidianorderofeternity.net/
  7. Loving the the "Style direction" this game is going, nice one guys
  8. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1473965863/sui-generis Looks great just needs a final push mebe OE can licence the engine in future if it makes it
  9. Blimey, its as dead here as it is on the orders webpage (bar all the spam adverts appearing over there ) anyway THORVALLA an RPG by Guido Henkel http://www.kickstart...by-guido-henkel ..Looking good
  10. I am off the Gran Canaria for a week so i will "throw my £10" in the pot on my return
  11. Talking of spam http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1473965863/sui-generis?ref=category Too good to be true? Very Interesting to say the least
  12. ..Come on guys, dont be shy, Already have Tristan in the Skype room, you can install skype, it is free, and type chat all you like, its free, no hurry though, all in your own time look for mieuperzia on skype and i will add you to the OO chat room where you can TYPE to your hearts content
  13. Hi peeps goto http://www.obsidiano...pages/forum.php the website dont forget to join also . For those with skype, search for mieuperzia then i can add you to the OO room i have made, no need to voice chat , you can type instantly and see past convo's, be patient though while the room fills with members ie dont expect 24h chat right away lol
  14. Sooo, is this thread going to be closed and discussion and live chat being moved to the shiney new OO website? I have sent a few mails out to my friends on here pointing them in the direction of the website including Crabby, Dablue, Batnat to name a few, the others, you know who you are. I am very excited about the next 18 months and beyond, i have even given up Evony lol Take care Gang .. http://www.obsidianorderofeternity.net/index.php
  15. Hehe, its funny, the OE by nature means we are an Order born supporting the game company Obsidian. Eternity @ the end suggests for project Eternity, i mean, The Obsidian Order of Eternity and South Park dont realy go lol. Although i think any new "High Fantasy" games after PE by OE would be most welcome news indeed, ie IWD3..................
  16. Well, Veeno, that's the problem... it's an assumption to say he did or didn't. That he's mocking people now is besides the point. He did donate to the game, which is the bigger position, and if he says he donated in the way the OO was founded to encourage, it isn't really our business to claim otherwise without proof. /shrug ...When the dust settles and the cash is counted the moderator will be able to see who has paid the xtra $8 and resind titles accordingly
  17. You can't type because you're laughing? You laugh with your hands? So, I presume you haven't paid the additional 8$ and got in the Order anyway? Is there any way we could get this jackass troll kicked out, then? He's been obtuse from start
  18. Lol at least your only playing one game. I'm playing Divinity 2, The Witcher, Beyond Good and Evil, VTM:B, ME, DA2 and Kingdoms of Amalur :D it gets a little hard to keep track of. lol Ha! me too, Playing Divinity 2 and Heroes VI which i have all but completed bar the last campaign map (although there are now 2! official add ons and the singles maps to do. And a big Hugsnstuff to all our Members old and new that we have accumalted over the last month (and where has that Batnat got too? )
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