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  1. - Bags/sacks to store stuff must be aquired. - Map must be aquilred. It has no markers on it. - No quest log, just a personal journal which lists all possible things you can do, descriptions of all impotant characters you meet, notes about ways to kill beasts and formulas for things. - Gold has a value, you can't afford nice things by looting corpses and selling stuff. You need a profession. - Aside from having own party you can join one. - If members of your party aren't loyal to you they can pick a new leader. - Fewer, more powerful enemies - you can always avoid confrontation.
  2. 21 KotOR series Gothic series Witcher series New Vegas Oblivion Haven't play PS:T YET. Now playing BG2 after hearing from you guise how amazing it is. And amazing it is indeed
  3. An **** would be nice. Witty, sarcastic, likes to makes fun and annoy party members, criticizes you when you do something stupid.
  4. Having only first line of a dialogue read (BG) feels weird for me. I'd rather have only battle shouts, greetings and such, so I can imagine them reading their lines. Also, for me, voicing only some of the characters isn't a good idea. I want to feel like I'm reading a book, so no voice acting for me. This money could go somewhere where it's needed.
  5. Climbing and swimming could work, but jumping? Climbing the buildings would be a cool feature, in thieving/assassination quests when you have the option to find another entrance to the building/escape route, but making it would require a lot of work.
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