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  1. Russian and Polish translation sounds good in principle, although it being handled by distributors, which in this case almost certainly means 1C/Cenega, sounds less so, as many Polish/Russian players will likely agree. OMG, please-please, Obsidian, no 1C! Their politics is awful! We can't buy normal versions of the games in Russia because of them. For example - Fallout: New Vegas. In Steam there are separate ID for Russian version of this game, and international version just unacceptable! I had to ask my Ukrainian friend to steamgift European version of Lonesome Road DLC for me, because
  2. i like Edair concept art a lot. But I don't like this one. Boobplate is awful. I don't want to offend anyone, so forgive me for doing it without permission, but here this woman with no boobplate. (Rough quick overpaint for breastplate only). For me it looks much better.
  3. My native language is russian, but I honestly don't have a strong opinion about localization. The good side of translation is clear: more people can play the game. The bad side is (if we talk just about russian localization) — there are very few good localizations in Russia. Most of them have very poor language or feels like google translated. Sometimes you need to guess or try to translate sentence back to English to understand it.
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