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  1. they could also add a scripting system, for example there is already a free lua interpreter package for unity3d. I think they will probably implement their own level save format. (because it is common to do) So they could publish the project, the compiled c# dlls as well as the assets. Then you probably only need some small packaging tool maybe written inside unity3d to export all your custom lua and levels to your game.
  2. Maybe WiiU with its touchscreen would work good However, developing for the console is expensive, you have to pay for everything.
  3. As this is a unity3d everything runs on the gpu which means that you can do detailed maps and let the graphics card cull details. Zooming isn't a problem as they will probably still use a 3d camera setup while the world is a setup of many flat 3d tiles infront of the camera.
  4. The problem is that unity tools aren't made to be some sort of modding tool. Obsidian probably don't want that everyone can compile their game to some executable which is quite easy if you would have the complete Project: Eternity as unity3d project.
  5. I personally like if a world reacts different to my character when I play as female then as male. I just don't like if people try to hide differences or weaknesses just to avoid controversial statements. So I like full armor for females, but I would love to see (at least partly) different conversations depending on the gender. Obsidian said they want a lot of different cultures, so the game should probably also reflect whats the roll of men and woman in these cultures.
  6. its a matter of how the graphics programmer and the artist want things to look like... For example Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect uses the same Engine, yet they both look very different. http://www.unrealengine.com/showcase/borderlands_2/ http://www.unrealengine.com/showcase/mass_effect_2/
  7. Wasteland 2 has a perspective camera, if you want to see a 3D game with a isometric camera watch Diablo 3.
  8. I personally think think that it should be something between nostalgic and state of the art game music. For me personally the bossmusic in skyward sword is something that is quite effective without beeing overly epic, like the battle music in BG where every fight was like a endfight on a audio visual layer. I think we need battle music where the music seems to be much faster then the fight itself, which can happen quite easy as we constantly stop the game for further tactical decisions.
  9. Divinity: Original Sin has an interesting concept for multiplayer dialoges where both players can response to an NPC.
  10. Just a few years ago there weren't much Engines you could license, but today there are a lot and they aren't that expensive and some are easy extentable. The downside of licensing would be probably that they can't provide tools for the community to build mods/levels and so on. On the other side, if they build the engine themselves, that will bind quite some resources. So what do you think, should they build inhouse tools to create the game or license a engine like Unity3d/UE3/Cryengine and so on?
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