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  1. I don't know - maybe its because people like Chris Roberts respecting his fans and always putting them first has spoiled me - but I feel backers should be number 1 priority in all situations. I suppose thats why Chris Roberts broke 75 million in funding and has its own free hype machine lessons should have been learned.
  2. So why were the Media given access before your backers? I mean the people who paid for the game back when it was just a concept on paper some by quite a large margin - could you explain why the media were more important than the backers?
  3. You know I might give this a whirl - I was confused as with the last Beta so I kinda ignored it.
  4. Ok so the Addon screen I select nothing and still get the Shirt and beta keys and everything that comes with the 140 pledge - because I find its just weird the way they do it. Seriously they should have just made it simple and linked the pledge and then after you have finalized everything they offer you increases after the fact.
  5. I don't get it - I pledged during kickstarter. Then you are making me try and figure out what the hell I pledged for? What is this addon crap - do I have to select the shirts through there I get with my pledge? Do I have to select the Beta Key? WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LINK MY KICKSTARTER PLEDGE TO THE SITE? Seriously I'm too concerned to go further incase I screw something up and I end up having to contact you lot and try and get you to fix it >.< I just want the $140 package I payed for attached to my account in full with as little complication as possible why is that so much to ask? Yes I get it Chris Roberts is making money hand over fist for his Star Citizen but at least his site is a crap ton easier to navigate than this, have you never heard of the K.I.S.S strategy in marketing I mean your making a game surely at some point in your lives someone would have introduced you to the concept of Keeping things simple. I'm glad you want to offer us ways to milk ourselves out of money for you - but please just make the pledge system easier than what you have there - I've had to stop at the addon section because I have no friggan clue if that includes the Addons I already have or I have to select them and they are all considered credited. Please someone at Obsidian just tell me what the f**k to do with my account?
  6. I think this is basically a separate website where you can upgrade your pledge. Don't know why everyone is so excited about it. Ah best I stay away from it - I pledge $140 bucks to Star Citizen a year ago ... Today my pledge amount is somewhat higher. I'll be honest this project was for me to say thanks to Obsidian for their work on Fallout directly, and I look forward to playing this in a lazy enjoy my pace fashion.
  7. Hey there - I haven't really been following this game since I pledged for it but what is the Backer Portal?
  8. I agree I would rather the extra get invested into DLC/Expansion especially free DLC/Expansion depending how much they get from launch since most investing will get the game for their pledge.
  9. Yes and No - A clear cutoff date stops feature creep otherwise we'd be waiting longer then Half Life 3 for this to turn up. It's great they will have the funding to make the game bigger and better with each dollar they get. But its also important they finish before the funding dries up paying for everything. Last thing I would want to see is the game being sold to a developer just so they could finish or bringing out the hat for another whip around.
  10. Hmmm - Firearm kinda. What I would like is a device you could place in a crystal/gem charged with elemental magic that discharged it when a trigger is pulled. So instead of searching for ammunition or having a crafting process for ammunition. You can buy gems with the charges in it or find them hidden away, this would make the device good for using against the weakness of certain mobs. Say you piled all your abilities into Frost and come up against a frost immune you can pull out this weapon and put in a Fire Gem and use that instead.
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