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  1. For me a castle is way over the top, since historicly speaking they were only built for miritalistic reasons, and not primarily as a place to live. And only by kings or lords of the land, not by ordinary people.
  2. While I prefer to play in English, there are a lot of people who aren't fluent in English. Especilly if someone is older and/or from an former comministic country, since they didn't teach English in school, but Russian for example.
  3. besides we all know the party gets hot and heavy when we hit the "sleep" button and the screen fades to black anyhow. I kid. I kid. Joking aside, I don't think most of the people posting about romances would disagree with your statement. I think - because we don't know how much of PROJECT ETERNITY is nailed down - we're seeing a lot of people suggesting that it be considered when nailing down the story / story dynamic. Well said. And I think no one wants romance like it was done in Skyrim, that really was a waste of resources.
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