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  1. thanks for the feedback everyone. Here is my intent. Allowing restat doesn't mean people have to use it. It's the same with retraining. How many people felt the need to ever retrain any of the companions? But didn't you like the idea that you could dump that if you wanted? I think the ideal scenario is to set the companions stats and skills when you meet them but allow you to retrain them if you want. The majority of people would never push the button but some of us would like to.
  2. Ok, so here's my dilemma. I love the companion stories, I love them talking and interacting etc. It seems in Deadfire it will play an even bigger role. I know that you can retrain companions and change their talents etc but not their primary stats. It would be really nice to have the best of both worlds. I find myself rolling characters at the Inn because I have something in mind, where the companions might not have that same idea. For example, I assume most people play Eder as tank. What if I wanted him for another role? Hard to do that without changing his primary stats around. Thanks for a great community
  3. Its not the health thats the issue, its the endurance thats my point, my health is always really high even after a big fight there should be more options to revive a falling companion
  4. I just use the strategy guide and it drastically sped up the game for me. Sure it sort of breaks the "immersion" but then Im not stupidly sneaking through rooms for no reason and for traps I just reload if they hurt too bad. Call it "cheating" but my time is limited so these are my options. I would much prefer to have a rogue type character always on Wasnt that what happened in BG with Imoen? the rogue chick? she would find stuff all the time.
  5. I have the heavy armor + shield and one hander on both my front line folks
  6. How can you see an enemy level? I am stuck right now on the level 3 stronghold dungeon with the boss fight. My party is 4th and 5th level. I am using choke points, lots of pausing, no spell down time and yet my front line can't keep up their endurance. I am using Eder and a custom made barbarian that I thought would be a good tank
  7. I am having a hard time keeping my endurance up on my front line characters. Is the secret to just always use a shield? I am rarely below 90% health after a big fight, which means to me that the health pool needs to come down and the endurance needs to go up slightly. I don't mind resting after big fights, I think that's the norm for RPG games.
  8. first, LOVE this game, having lots of fun. So, I found myself in an usual situation I was in a battle and one of my characters ran out of endurance but kept standing up. Battle finished and everyone "reset" except him. Can't find a way out of it, I can't select him, can't move him, etc. I finally quit the game and reloaded but it was right after a really tough fight that I won with only 1 person left standing so I'm a bit bummed. anyone else had that situation?
  9. I am having a hard time figuring out which spells will hit my own party?
  10. Ok, first off I LOVE this game, I think they hit a home run. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the scouting. The movement is too slow and there is no option to just turn it on individually all the time for the characters you want. ie. the rogue types. Therefore, I find myself just ignoring most traps and if I get hurt too badly I just reload the save game. I don't want to spend my entire time hunched over creeping around at half speed.
  11. Just curious if anyone has seen anyone from Obsidian respond in these forums? If so, is there a way to sort or search on posts that have a response by a member of the staff? Speculation is nice but I would love to see any feedback coming the other way as well. If you do have any posts with Obsidian responses can you link them so I can see what they look like? Thanks Maybe I can query on author name etc.
  12. No, but I wouldnt allow some archer sitting in the back constantly shoot arrows at me either. There just needs to be some better intelligence built in than most games currently have. Good graphics are easy to program, good AI is not
  13. THIS is the intent of the poll, which is essentially "aggro" How does the AI decide what character to target and make that dynamic during the fight? That is the real question What math determines that? Is it random?' Is it based on damage? Is it based on perceived threat? Is a caster in the middle of casting a spell and should the enemy interrupt that spell? All of those actions generate "threat" or whatever you want to call it and the AI should react to those factors
  14. Yes, that is partly my point, you needed a mod to make those games better when that intelligence should have been built in Its also not just heading for the casters its being able to pull that attention away from the casters. Otherwise there is really no point to beefing up armor on a melee character You bring them along to soak up damage
  15. ya the poll could really be "do you want the AI to be smart" but that was really a no brainer Do you want monsters to ignore damage done to them is more appropriate
  16. I think maybe an example would help you have the following party members 1. thief 2. mage 3. fighter 4. cleric Your thief hides and backstabs an enemy, the enemy turns and attacks the thief the mage and fighter join in and land some big attacks the enemy continues to attack the thief thief runs away, enemy follows party switched to ranged weapons and spells and continue to attack the enemy thief continues running around a table playing a game of tag with the enemy enemy dies while completely ignoring the mage and the fighter Edit: if you are wondering this is exactly how the BG games work
  17. ahh maybe the poll should be changed to "should monsters react to damage done to them and should there be a way to escape or dump that threat other than simply doing more damage again"
  18. I guess for most of you that say "no" you prefer exploiting ranged mechanics and having endless kiting encounters?
  19. yeah, I guess my intent was more to say "should enemies be more realistic and not ignore constant ranged or spell damage while blindly following around the first dude that smacked him with a staff" So more like what a previous poster stated "if you are referring to a method to give the AI enemies logical and tactical responses to player actions."
  20. and if you are wondering what the advantage to this system is, just play BG1 and take out the ogre with a level 1 party. All you need to do is hide behind a tree and shoot arrows at him and he never leaves the first character that attacked him. Essentially called "kiting" and usually an easy exploit to encounters where ranged characters aren't targeted Makes for a fairly boring game if your #1 damage comes from arrows and those characters are never in danger of dying. Not very realistic if a monster is getting shot at 100 times and just keeps ignoring it because the thief tastes good
  21. As long as it's somehow balanced I don't have a problem with it. So your strength designates your carrying capacity and your armor counts against that. so if you chose to play a character that has a high strength, wears plate armor but casts spells, great but his/her spells shouldn't be as powerful as someone that has a higher relative "intelligence" or whatever the spell casting stat of the day is. There needs to be a trade off, otherwise all your party would be spell blasting plate wearing fools
  22. Just wondering what people thought about having some type of aggro (aggression) table in the game. For those that might not be familiar this is where your party generates "threat" by their actions. Most of the time this is damage to a specific character or monster. The more damage you do the more threat you generate and more likely that monster is to attack that character. This is also where the term "tanking" comes from. This allows your character to artificially generate threat in order to keep the monster's attention and to soak up damage. Most likely to protect your more fragile rogues and mages.
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