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  1. If there is also a substory connected to the dungeon and a lot of other non combat stuff throughout between some combat I'm for it.
  2. I know there is a gog general topic but I had a semi-pressing question and in the meantime I can make some more people aware of the sale. Feel free to close this topic or let it slowly die after the sale has ended. Link: http://www.gog.com/en/promo/hasbro_stacking_promo A long time ago I started with games but I played more games like Dune 2, Warcraft 1, GTA1, DK, Duke 1-2-3, RoTT, JJR and such so I missed all the above. BG 1 will be remade and I asume BG 2 will follow aswell, I own NWN so that one drops aswell. Is the rest all recommended (with some I can guess but just askin
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