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  1. First of all its not as bad as may have been said here, yes it will blur a bit when running on a lower resolution than on the original screen, yes it will be significant. It will however still be perfectly playable, just try it yourself by turning down the resolution in game or in windows, it will still be acceptable. It will look worse than otherwise possible but in truth its not nearly unplayable at lower resolutions. So while I would say a DPI scaling setting would most definitely be preferred if included it is certainly not a must have, running the game at a lower resolution would also b
  2. Personaly I find more choices a waste, I rather be able to see everything there is to offer in one go than being forced to do things over multiple times just to see some story changes. When playing a RPG I never really see the protagonist as an impersonation of me I see him as a guy and I generally think of his logic to play through the game not what I would find best. Most of the time what I would do is not even an option so I Much rather see myself guided through it all via the eyes of my maybe created character than having to decide from a limited number of options.
  3. Something I was wondering if you get yourself a copy of the game on linux windows or osx can you use one copy on for example both a linux laptop and a windows desktop or could you still use your copy if you moved over from windows to linux? If you can use it on multiple platforms is this only the case for the steam version or desura version (we can savely assume steam is out for linux by then) or also the drm free version if it isn't distributed through desura? Just something that isn't clear to me and could be very relevant as the first scenario is most likely how I would want to use it.
  4. the actual porting to linux itself while still a bit of work falls into nothing compared to the developement of the entire game, the only real holdback is the choice of engines to use for the game. If obsidian is going to make their own engine, yes its going to be quite a bit more work. there are quite a few engines supporting linux sure not every engine so no unreal engine or cryengine but still quite a few engines. There are actually linux compatible versions of those engines as well but they are not being released.
  5. surrealism still including taboos but not to a scale that it gets thrown into your face so often that it gets tiresome, sure there may be child rape sure there may poverty but don't make it all consuming. The society itself may have very strange principles not common in most real sociaties to break it up but I generally don't like sugarcoting, the witcher generally did it pretty fine.
  6. I vote for 1, the other options while sometimes compensated have the issue that you are guided towards sticking to your original pary formation, I rather have the freedom to swamp them out at any time, sure you may need to upgrade their weapons and armor but I don't like needing to level someone just because I didn't choose him before, even with a limit of x levels behind you still need to level him. I would also want to suggest an alternative way: xp is obtained in one general stack and can be freely distributed amoung any character companion you would want including yourself, this xp sho
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