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  1. I think I just realized why there was such a huge gap between stretch goals. With the money they earned, Obsidian's going give a good chunk of their funding to the 'Kicking it Forward' program, so i guess the huge of gap was to make up for this loss.
  2. 65$ If I'm going for it, I'm going for a Physical copy. Plus it's the highest I can go.
  3. Oh my Lord. This game is just getting sexier and sexier on each update. I hardly ever use multiclassing, or try to stray a class away from their original purpose, but the idea of real fleixble classes sound divine.
  4. I think I'm too excited for this. Here I am anxiously observing the Kickstarter page as it approaches my desired 2.2 mil goal. I just hope I'm not overhyping for this Project.
  5. For christ's sake people... Anyway, just like how I voted for in the poll, I would like to see some romance. But I wouldn't mind it being absent from the game if it's development affected the overall quality of both the story and the gameplay negatively.
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