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  1. Voice acting is like nutmeg, its nice to have but not necessary. If they got the budget it could make some the more important moments more impactful. I think they've said that there will be some voice acting to spice up moments.
  2. We can't look at the budgets for an orchestra obviously but if its within reason I don't see any reason why they can't be a stretch goal. A nice big orchestra sound really helps any fantasy game.
  3. In New Vegas I was a big Caesar's Legion supporter and I liked having a faction that on the surface was very jaring but once you got to know them you saw that there was a necessity to their actions. Every faction had an element that was relatable and it made the fighting not a good vs evil thing but rather idea vs idea. Good vs Evil can be interesting but I found it refreshing to see a conflict of ideology rather than morality in NV.
  4. I'm excited about guns, it reminds me of one of my favorite RPGs, M&B Fire and Sword. With magic though I imagine guns will be easier to balance than in M&B. I'm glad that this game is trying new things with the traditional fantasy setup.
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