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  1. Actually, Red Eagle approached Obsidian to make the WoT games back in 2010. http://au.gamespot.com/news/obsidian-riding-wheel-of-time-6250423 Though it's not clear whether Red Eagle has been able to supply Obsidian with the necessary funding to do so. [EDIT: I just realised that I made the previous post too; sorry about double-posting]
  2. I'm happy with intellectual bonding, character development and the development of relationships between members of your party. Love triangle anyone? Girls always break up guilds But if everyone hates this idea, that's ok I guess I'll just have to make my own game
  3. Baldur's Gate!!! KOTOR2 and Fallout: NV. But mainly Baldur's gate. I enoiyed Dark Alliance, but would prefer something similar to the original. I tried Planetscape: Torment and Fallout 1&2 on GOG but the controls were terrible. They were probably good games in their day, but computer game controls have since advanced down other paths of useability, and the controls of the old games don't feel intuitive anymore (where intuitive basically means the same as what is currently most common/known).
  4. I burned through d3 within a week or 2 and got stuck farming the final act of inferno and getting drops that weren't even max level. My friends and I quit shortly after.. I never liked those games like diablo 3 that force you to stop moving to attack. Torchlight was the same. It really kills the flow for me. WoW at least you can move and attack; you can circle-strafe to backstab which is fun. Of course, WASD or analogue joystick movement is a must for these games, as click to move gets old when you are only controlling one character (click to move for multiple characters like RTS and TBS is fine). Been playing the Firefall Beta which is fun (and of course you can move and shoot with your single character). But speaking of TBS, I mostly play Civ V with my finacee as we like to take our time and play at our own pace, though we are thankful for the option of automated units as repeatedly giving individual units the same orders gets tiresome after a while, and slows down the gameplay. Which ties into my next comparison of Final Fantasy 12, whereby you can 'program' your characters via the gambit system and you could switch between them and micro them, or you could let them do their own things (according to the program you wrote for each). Hopefully Obsidians new Project Eternity will have enough options to keep all players satisfied. At the very least it should be much better than Torchlight (that said, I do currently have Torchlight 2 pre-loaded in Steam, though Borderlands 2 is also preloaded in case TL2 is bad, and there is also the Firefall Beta and Dishonoured if they are both bad lol)
  5. There was a WoT game, but I believe it was based off the Hexen engine (a Doom clone). You could only cast spells by picking up the appropriate weapons (ter-angreal); It was pretty lame. Interesting that you brought it up though as Robert Jordan always wanted to write a story about a man in his middle years that suddenly had his life turned upside down by magic/supernatural forces, and the story would revolve around how he copes with the changes etc. Hopefully Project Eternity will let you play the game for a bit at the start and get used to the 'real world' in a similar manner before it is turned upside down by the 'supernatural event'. This would also be similar to disaster and horror movies that always take 30mins-1hr to set the scene with the 'real world', and let you get to know the characters, before everything turns to custard. Alternatively, if the game opens with the event, then even though the character's life may be severely impacted, it's not really anything special to the player as this is all you have known.. I can dream..
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