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  1. I wish there would be no need for a level cap. It all depends what level your character can reach. For me it´s no fun if the game get´s to easy because of my level, like in BG2 with "Throne of Bhaal" installed.
  2. I went with ESRB-friendly Realism. I want a mature game, where bad things can happen, all you mentioned and even worse. But I don´t necessary need to see them all.
  3. I can´t say Yes or No, for that to decide I don´t know enough of the world the game plays in. But I´m not against firearms, especially if there is a race or class for which it would be believable to use them.
  4. I think the house should fit in with the story and the character. I don´t care what it is, it just needs to be believable.
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