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  1. Romance ≠ Sex I'd love to love someone, but no need for awkward fades to black or anything of the sorts. It just fun to see how different personalities and races deal with the whole romancing thingy. Gives more depth to the characters.
  2. Aerie, Miria, Bastila, Tali, Morrigan, Merril, Josephine, Cadegund?! We need romances.
  3. The K does not possess my lower body, indeed these are troubling time disruptions.
  4. Read the second post on this thread. I mentioned something about that. Ah! I was blinded by the four eyed coffee, you have my cincearest confirmations?
  5. Random Xaositect of the Obsidian Order reporting in....but I already entered the info on the survey in the backer site? Also, first post, and I see I don't have the Kickstarter badge?
  6. What the don't see eye right, right?! What a trade.

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