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  1. I have now uploaded the dxdiax, to the same place i had the saves, so previus dropbox link should work. Also i a uninstaling and reinstaling the game now.
  2. I am able to make all the types of saves, and i can load between them. But each time i exit the game and start it up again and come to the start menu. Sometimes right after restarting my pc, the game dont find any saves at all. The saves are in the save location, Took a few random ones and coppied them to dropbox. (and an output log.) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5fg34ugm9ptwtas/AABiMLpp_bYg5f0dRGdsnYgYa?dl=0 The game verifyer, i have also tried, several times. each time, no change. but will try once more now.
  3. So, Each time i load the game, i have no option to load saves. All my saves disapear, each time i start the game. No exeptions.
  4. well i for one like the dragon age type and so on. armor and weapons from games like skyrim, dark soul dragon age and so on are just epic and i would love to have all those types clashing together
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