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  1. I've made another fan art music, this time it is theme for The Celestial Sapling inn. Here is a link to the original post: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65829-update-74-the-mob-rulers-wizards-and-druids-and-our-partnership-with-paradox/?p=1463432 Enjoy! Feedback appreacited.
  2. Inspired by this charming image I've composed another fan art music. So this time it's a theme for The Celestial Sapling inn. https://soundcloud.com/consona-adversa-pars/the-celestial-sapling-theme Enjoy and thank you for listening!
  3. I've tried to imagine what would Glanfathan music sound like in my fan art music for Twin Elms. (https://soundcloud.com/consona-adversa-pars/twin-elms-theme) Just traditional elven music kind of sound. I've used celtic harp, zither, irish flute, frame drum and shaker. And added some windy soundscapes to capture the feeling I got from the concept art. Let me know what you think. I'm working on another piece and would appreciate some community feedback.
  4. Soundtrack for PS:T is amazing, imo, it has really distinctive character and tracks fit the world perfectly. And some tracks are just beautiful, take Deionarra or Annah themes for example. And the fact he made it in 2 weeks is unbelievable! It's about 4 minutes of finished music every day, wow. Didn't know the Smoldering Corpse Bar music was from Richard Band, that track is great too. Cannot believe how fantastic all those soundtracks for BG 1 and 2, IWD, PS:T and Fallout 1 and 2 are. :D
  5. As Silent Winter suggested I'm posting here link to the other thread where is my fan art composition, the theme for Twin Elms city. Enjoy listening, cheers! http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66060-update-76-music-in-pillars-of-eternity/?p=1441723
  6. My fan art composition: https://soundcloud.com/consona-adversa-pars/twin-elms-theme It's a theme for Twin Elms city. I really like the concept arts and lore behind the city so I tried to imagine what would Glanfathan music sound like. So it's without any orchestral elements, more like some traditional elven music. Enjoy and thank you for listening!
  7. She looks perfect, imo. She has some character, she is not just another supermodel fantasy chick.
  8. Update #14 http://soundcloud.co...oject-eternity/ edit: a minute too late... @ Justin Bell - Very nice compositions, suitably simple and capable of bringing befitting mood right away. What instrument is that magical flute, if I may ask?..
  9. I agree with this post, 100%. I'm a fan of Jeremy Soule's work but I also liked the music in the KS video a lot. This is really unnecessary, imo. This is exactly what big publishers do, soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (main theme) + somebody (other 1 hour of music) while the second guy is capable of writing main theme himself.
  10. Maybe overused but why boring? Well composed music is enjoyable regardless of genre. I really like these Diablo 3 ambient tracks. http://youtu.be/lyDnMn0yKTo?hd=1 http://youtu.be/zHZubouzCgs?hd=1 http://youtu.be/dnMu1959Xvo?hd=1
  11. @ Obsidian - Just confirm that Justin Bell is the composer for this game so I can finally sleep in peace tonight. :D Plus one more song from Paul Anthony Romero, maybe the best town theme. http://youtu.be/EsYjN4wFw4o
  12. @ Karranthain - yeah, these are really top class. Just IMO, but I think it is really hard to find something truly competiitive with this in game music genre.
  13. They just believe people from Obsidian are competent in what they do, imo.
  14. DA:O soundtrack is quite average, imo. I would choose him, too. Please add him to the poll! +1, brilliant soundtrack. And I'd say Paul Anthony Romero (Heroes of Might and Magic III,...) or Michiel van den Bos (Age of Wonders (1), Overlord, Unreal Tournament,...) would be excellent choices too. I'm curious is soundtrack really in production already? I hope they will update about that soon, cannot wait to see who's gonna compose it.
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