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  1. If magic is merely the utilization of the power in your soul in PE, wouldn't that make everyone a wizard? Yes, some to a lesser degree than others, but even so...if you accept this as truth, does that not also make everyone a mage-hunter? So, although I do enjoy the way they are carefully and specifically weaving firearms into the world, I don't suspect a clear cut mage-hunter class on the horizons.
  2. I like dragons. Dragons are one of the few standard archetypes that I never ever grow tired of. Possibly mainly because so few stories ever use them to their true potential, and I still wait for the game that will. Dragons, or anything so incredibly ancient as them, are wonderful platforms for storytelling. There is so much to evoke: malevolence, benevolence, loss, forgiveness, empathy, understanding. Sadly not many developers achieve anything profound when it comes to dragons. If Obsidian does, it will absolutely make PE a game to be remembered. Yes, I want dragons.
  3. I'm very interested in your portrayal of different ethnicities, not just of humans but all races. I hope you find the time to really stress their visual and cultural differences and give them all a very distinct personality.
  4. I despise RSR in my RPG's as much as any other, you've got an absolutely great point in this topic. I'm not sure about your proposed solution, but perhaps I'm still digesting it. My initial fear is the potential for the resultant system to feel clunky, or not mesh with the rest of combat. I can't say I have any better ideas though, so you've got me there. ^^ Weapon ranges are crucial and I will be saddened if they are not stressed. I find it to be the downfall of many RPG's of late, most popular ones especially. Polearms are defined as "2 handed for tons of damage!" instead of what their real strength is - hitting people that can't hit you back. I feel very strongly about this point and if a single developer can bring about the revival of weapon ranges, I hope it's Obsidian. <3 After all, weapon ranges should absolutely play a fundamental role to combat. Not in a rock-paper-scissors kind of way, but another dimension of awareness to one's own strengths and weaknesses, as well as that of their opponents.
  5. Busty perfect 10's have a place in video games as much as normal life. They do not have the only place in video games, however.
  6. I enjoyed your thoughts on the race and setting as I share similar opinions. While visually and mechanically unique systems for magic is always a commendable goal, perhaps the reason pen-and-paper spells have always felt more robust to you is that they require only your imagination, and not the technical underlay to support it. Nonetheless, you have great ideas for implementing magic visually that I hope Obsidian takes notice of. I wouldn't mind hearing more of your thoughts on storytelling as well. Great post!
  7. Clearly every single iteration of pledge combinations should appear on the kickstarter webpage to appease every single individual. On a less sarcastic note, no.
  8. I see the Pearl Coast and want to explore and/or conquer it immediately. I hope there are palm trees and sandy beaches for miles on which to pitch my hammock. On another related note, I see the Pearlwood Gulf, but neither hide nor hair of the Pearl woods.
  9. One of their teams needs to be called the Perpetual Motion Squad. All night long y'all!
  10. I enjoy this opinion greatly. This is precisely what I had in mind. The traditional races are fine, the archetypes are solid, but nobody makes them distinct enough. I feel Obsidian has a great opportunity to do just that in this project. I really like your idea for elves, and I agree that they don't need to be malevolent at all. Plain and simply misunderstood would make the race far more captivating and attractive in my eyes. Cheers!
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