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  1. People mention Arcanum as an example of how having both systems fails, so I will mention a game that successfully implemented realtime and turned based with variance like moving one character at the time, or moving one squad at the time. The game was called Fallout: Tactics and I have played it through in both modes since the gameplay actually changed.
  2. Can I throw in a "school" that teaches a different way to cast spells? Ritual: a ritual with too long casting time to be used in battle, are usually done beforehand. Can unleash one spell/effect/ per ritual. Basically what Tremere clan in V:TM are very good at.
  3. Other games on kickstarter had clear info on the very first day. For example Planetary anihilation had visual representation of the game, Castle story featured a video of a tech demo, while Wastelad 2 presented clear goals on what the concept of the game will be from the very start. Once again I did not start this thread to just complain, but rather to encourage developers to enlighten us some more over the duration of this month.
  4. Despite what you may think, I am not impatient in this regard. There is a whole month before the project is funded and I will patiently wait for more info. Telling about it early on seemed like a good idea.
  5. Would you reconcider if elves had a comeback to greatness, enslaving the lesser races and were wearing heavy armor fighting with battleaxes? (with optional grenade launcher attachment of course)
  6. Hi. First I will mention that I am fan of laconic speech, so this request will be short. Now, I would like Obsidian to be more like that. The only thing that stopped me from backing this project so far, is the vagueness in the presentation. The video was more focused on pushing forward brand recognition, but told nothing useful about the game. I will probably back this project anyway, but I will be willing to pledge more, if I know something useful about this game. So far the description you gave could be used to describe any generic RPG out there. What sets this one apart? Your pr
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