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  1. GoG going with Linux support, SteamOS beta... one step closer to my dream of ditching Windows for Linux with full gaming support!
  2. If more games had native Linux support I'd drop Windows in a heart beat. I'm just far too lazy to dual boot. The more developers supporting native Linux versions the better.
  3. It's a tough call for me. While I appreciate dialogue being influenced by stats as a part of the immersion of an RPG and also feel that it may add to the replayability (chose a higher charisma class for additional dialogue options) I feel there is a bit of a downside. We're looking for a type of game that is heavily story driven, a heavily story driven game relies on dialogue. I'm not sure it's worthwhile to gimp the most important aspect of the game because someone has chosen to play a "dumb fighter." That said, I suppose if you can manage to always have a high charisma npc in the party to
  4. Surprised there are so many fervently against romances. I'll simply say that I much prefer the BGII style romance to saaaayyy The Witcher style romance.
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