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  1. Props to you Justin, I especially like the combat track "The Harbingers Doom", got a very Baldur's Gate feel to it.
  2. Bah! that's too much for me even including W2, I got into kickstarter after that one ended so i don't have a copy but still... (I'm on the $50 if anyones interested)
  3. Pet wise, Raven or similar sized flying creature maybe from the setting, something that wouldn't help you naturally thus making sense it wont in game but sticks with you anyway.
  4. Hope the mega dungeon is similar to Durlags Tower, that was a cool place in BG. Crafting has me worried but whenever i read crafting i think of MMO's or Skyrims (which is pretty much the same), i really do hope you just don't go round gathering resources to make mundane items you can just buy..
  5. Agree with this, no need for a minimap highlighting everything and BG UI was nice, I'd like one similar but based on the style of world in Eternity.
  6. BG2 style would be best imo, doesn't interfere with the main game as is on the main menu for anyone who needs it. A lot of old games did this and is somewhat missed on my part, annoying mandatory ones more common nowadays are not welcome.
  7. Thanks! btw was that recently added to the FAQ? as that'll be embarrassing if it was there all along.
  8. ^The Throne of Bhaal soundtrack like the Melissan track above is done by Inon Zur not Michael Hoenig, just saying.
  9. Will i get a reply to this in the next 23 days? Anyone from Obsidian what to clarify what formats will be available for the soundtrack or at least possibly available?
  10. Hmm, I'd like to have XP from fights.. i mean if not then getting into random fights will mean nothing right? (if its not quest related) or am i mistaking something?
  11. Well I'm tempted to up my pledge to get this but I'm wondering what formats it'd be available in, if thats been planned out. Basically I'm a lossless fan so FLAC or similar would be welcome. So any news on this?
  12. They already hit the stretch goal that adds the 4th race. Oh yeah, was looking at the 1.8 mill goal lol, wow that means there could be 5.
  13. The Baldur's Gate way of multi-player is good, i certainly would like it and the majority of my IE based game play throughs was due to multi, nice having someone else control half the party. The host is still the main character in this scenario so it doesn't really change anything, maybe loosing a place to the 2nd players created character but thats about it.
  14. Guessing as per Kickstarter page the 3 races for PC will be Human, Elves and Dwarfs (with sub-races) but if we hit the stretch goal of adding a 4th, can it be one of the odd ones? I'd prefer not to have the god-like ones for PC. If that cannot be though I'd like them as possible NPC's. My only real questions atm, thanks for the cool update Josh! :D
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