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    You Models colors are really off, there like shade of gray or light blue?   Is that a race thing?  they don't look as human skin tone.


    Hi StrangeCat,


    is your computer monitor calibrated?


    Mine is, and I can tell you skin color in PoE is neither grey nor light blue. Not particularly natural, if you will, but that's mostly because it lacks texture and it is completely flat. Anyway, you can change skin color during CC if the default color is not to your liking :)


    Yea everything is fine.  It's something I am noticing when they are in the camp and when they fight in the camp before the last dungeon there is ashen gray color to faces.  Maybe this has to do with lighting?   It's NPC's that I am noticing the strange colors the very white color of legs etc.


    Everything I mentioned I am sure will be fixed in the Beta but it has to be said.

  2. After watching the IGN Video with no sound on again I am going to have to be critical as possible on your video since it is Alpha, and the Journalists have no balls when there talking to you about it!


    You Models colors are really off, there like shade of gray or light blue?   Is that a race thing?  they don't look as human skin tone.


    It's night but there is to much light.


    The combat is horrible.  Your over using way to much of this Glare fx thing for everything that your models do in combat.


    There are not enough Animations in the combat making it look very non exciting.  The weight of weapons isn't coming through

    and character models are not acting accordingly to be hit by those weapons.


    When I had the sound on the Foley sounds were not enough and once again the combat was pretty light because it was missing those sounds, of weapons and reactions from characters need to be heard and felt.


    Your Fog of war is to much and needs to be cut back a bit.  


    The red under enemies is to bright and glaring.


    There is no gore or blood when in combat or after combat.


    Since this game is going to have a lot of combat I would think your company would bust ass to make it as

    believable and immersable as possible, which believe me I know is insane work but you have the models now and everything else, you guys can do this.


    Monsters all seem to move at the same pace fast, in fact everything like combat is to fast and doesn't seem strategic. 


    I think the Inventory screen needs some more detail. 


    All Items on characters should show up on a character in there inventory.


    All Icons should be displayed in the inventory as the item.


    There should be something in the background of the character Paper doll screen other then a wall of color?


    I don't have a problem with anything else I think it all looks fantastic for your game.


    Since this is based on an Alpha look of the game I am sure you will be tweeking things till release.

  3. For an Alpha that was really good!  I would like to see way  more inventory detail, better icons for your inventory.

    Better Foley Sounds, swords clash, characters yell, make it sound like a battle.


    Do something about the Characters as a model and there backgrounds, as it is it looks like a cartoony mess.


    I would like to see some trees move(same tech as the water) and some grass, some leaves falling in a forest etc.


    add more little details.


    other then that looks like you as a company are delivering the game you promised people.

  4. It should be damn scarry to face a blight in a dungeon.

      Your in a darkened hallway only lit by your tourch and you see one those things.   Bodies pushing against an unseen force trying to get out, screaming and clawing at the air.  Ever so often a face in agony appears and tries to break free, limbs twist in odd angles among the wind that screams out at you.  You look in *Horror* as it comes closer, right at you from the darkness.  You didn't even realize that you had brought your sword out.  All you can hear is the screams and see the bodies and tortured forms.   The rest of your companions are frozen in fear!   


    yea Horror! 

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  5. They will sell at least 100,000 copies world wide.   I am sure it will be great success.  There aren't any games being made like it and I am sure they are striving to create something that not only brings back the good ole days but creates something new and fresh too.

    I hope they have large PR for it.  It wouldn't take to much effort to have something set up at E3 or other places.  

  6. I like that they use armor that shows more of a female form.  It will help you to know who is female when they wear armor.  Of course just by there walk you could figure this out too, but the armor helps!


    I love the fact that women in history were clever and knew they could hide under there "armor."


    As for your whole discussion on this topic you guys need to get out more, hit a bar or club, and go meet some women.

    Get off your computer for a couple of days or iphone, ipad....whatever.  Chill out come back with fresh perspective.


    Looks like there is quite a bit of old history mixed into Pillars of Eternity.  Nice!

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  7. It's pretty obvious why they would emphisize the female form with armor.   Since the scale of the models are so small you need to be able to see which model is female wearing armor or like you said all characters wearing armor would look like the same sex in medieval times.


    Also they stated that they make things a bit bigger as a model since it shows up nicely when they scale down.

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  8. some advice when doing everyting in a sequencer.  When creating phrases always make them swell think of the conductor as he would with the players. 


    When repeating themes and adding in brass start to swell then use Cressendo to bring the theme repeat in as big lush orchestra with strings in the upper octaves Violins and Irish flute on top or whatever.  That's pretty typical film technique as well.


    Question and Answering phrases are not in time.  one is little faster one is a little slower as the musicians play with emotion the phrases.   Every player wants perform there best!  

    Conan The Barbarian Amazing Sound track !


    Anywayz Keep it up and thanks for sharing I love the work you guys are doing! 

  9. Yea Kick Starter is pretty damn Amazing for everyone!  I am constantly backing projects.  I doubt I will ever have time to play any games.

    I love the behind the scenes on film too.


    Witcher 3 is Beyond any game out there or developer.  It's sort of like the Next Gen Game.

    Only that dev can pull that off, there vision, there pushing the evelope for games.

  10. Here are some Music Directing Ideas for you guys.


    When you enter your Main Dungeon that is the Stretch Goal dungeon it should have it's own music theme.  This Theme should also relate to something, a Quest outside the dungeon, or a person that relates to the dungeon?  This is a way of creating the Psychology of the Theme of the Dungeon with the player.


    Typically you would just compose some dark atmosphere music that really isn't thematic or has any strong motif at all.


    I think it's better to create a theme or at least motif that creates horror and really brings the player into that world and creates a relationship with them. 


    There are a lot of examples on doing this and you could treat it like composing for film to create that scene or mood with cue.  Horror Cue tension.


    But Surprise works even better!  Say you have a dark atmosphere just swirling in the background with few scrapes or granual synthisis, then all of the sudden you get some drum hit or drums hit(like Taiko drums or some War drums)  Consider that an introduction or question motif.


    after that you could start the motif or even a full theme(something dark and fulll of horror)   but use lightly just a hint in the beginning...then as you get further down the dungeon start to show the full theme. 

    Even further down Have the Full theme Become the Full arrangement, maybe Choir with orchestra or something.  Choir Chants or Full choir  over strings whatever.


    This is good Music directing.

    and I have to tell you games fail at this horribly.


    Another thing would be take same theme and Create an Epic Battle Piece with Choir for the Main Boss of the Dungeon(you know Carl Orff Influence "Carmina Burana" Style.)


    By Doing all that you are Creating Leitmotif for the Dungeon's Music and a strong psychology witht the player.

    Some ideas.

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  11. pretty cool update....I'll wait for you demo at E3 maybe.  The demo that those guys were able to see when they visited your office?

    Your animation looks fantastic!

    Would have been cool if you showed a knight or something in a town moving around then hacking off someones head or taking down a monster, something to show what the animation will look like in game enviroment.

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