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  1. Yes, first post here. 

    To the guy who said that most backers don't put in the effort. Has it occured to you that maybe some backers are willing to allow developers complete creative freedom with their game and see how it turns out? Yes I know, completely crazy, right? Also, what these forums would look like if all the 70 k backers started posting at least one reply per thread. Not pretty.

    And yes, there will probably be a nerd-rage no matter what when this game comes out. Know why? Cause among those 70 k people there are several factions that want a different experience from it. And some consider themselves somehow better and\or more priviledged than others.



    Well Said!  I don't know what's worse the wannabe cynical lunatics of the Codex or the Geek Rage of this forum.

    But Passion in a project can bring out the best in people^_)


    Let's see some more pictures Devs!


    It is the 'minority' that helped raise the money to fund the game.

    Which makes them... well... pretty important, wouldn't you say?


    Especially if they want to fundraise another game this way...


    Wrong. The group that raised the money is the majority of the investors. You do not represent that group; you represent yourself. The number of posters raising objections to a specific topic in this thread are a minority. If the developers wanted to sample a majority of the investors, they would do random polling.


    you are very wise^_-


    You cannot judge anything yet.

    That's a bit of an overkill reaction (to the opposite extreme). It's not that we can't judge anything. We can judge plenty. But, mainly:


    1) Certain things are pointless to judge (such as stuff that hasn't even made its way into the game build yet)

    2) Judging things using "what this should do/be when the game is complete" is pretty pointless.


    That's all I'm saying. Don't judge a half-painted wall by saying "Man, the rest of that wall is TOTALLY still unpainted! That's a TERRIBLE design!" And don't judge things until you can actually see them. "I'm waiting for dessert, but it's not even on the table yet to taste, so... this absence of dessert in my mouth right now doesn't taste like I think dessert should, so I'm gonna say the dessert is TERRIBLE!"



    I don't think anything you say is going to change the development in anyway these are professionals that know what they are doing and have everything set up to go exactly as they need to to make there budget and time line. 

      Your Judgemnet on the development isn't going to change there pipeline.  Say what you like if that satisfies you.

    This after all is all about letting people see the development process.

    your wall metaphor is horrible along with your desert. 


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  4. So a woman, some trees and two chicken are art and tell an emotional, imagination driving story.

    A bunch of trees and two skeletons don't.



    Both tell quite a Story!  I understand that the art is awesome now that I understand the perception of distance in the art.

    It looks quite detailed and I look forward to what you add to make it come alive!


    Once Apon a time there was a women , some trees, and two chickens....(sad story)


    Long ago there was a great Dragon that blazed the forest!  All that is left now is a bunch of trees and two skeletons(epic story)


    Art tells a story based on a perception of the art from the viewer.

  5. Anyone who is having a psychological problem with say another kickstarter and it's success in adding more to the game has to check out the Success of "Divinity Original Sin."


    I say go for it!  whatever you need to make the game the game it needs to be.  "Divinity Orignal Sin" can do it then so can "Pillars of Eternity."


    Whatever it takes to finish the project with out cutting corners.

  6. Video looks good but the music needs a few things.  (Just my Opinion)


    There should be rim hits of the drums to compliment the middle drum hits and perhaps a trill roll to bring in the choir style chants.   Then you could have Boom sound to emphisize the beginning of that part of the music with the choir(pull in some emotion)


    Also I think there should be some Irish flutes or flutes to answer the phrases of the brass.  Or at the very least an Low Irish Wistle to answer the phrases of the first vocal part to play with that vocal part before the choir chants.


    I know your going more Wagner style here with dark brass and open Harmony but sometime some nice Answering phrases on question phrases really do the trick to add color and interest(trumpets)


    Also maybe in the music of the game have a part where the music goes into a solo horn part to emphisize the main theme.


    I am liking the strings there not static and there not doing that cliche' arp style you hear in every Trailer from everywhere!


    Hall sound is good.  Just some ideas for you. 


    Well looks like things are shaping up^_-


    StrangeCat (composing playing Classical Piano Sonatas)


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  7. Satananas you need to post on CG Society and get feed back from the pros,(you will be slammed of course)

    but then you can learn if that is what you are looking to do, and from those learning experiences you can get better and then keep posting and improving.


    Same with people posting there music on Vi Control to learn Orchestration and samples.

    Good Luck!

  8. In this day and age of the midi mock-ups on computer in a sequencer you can with one computer get a completely realistic orchestra

    and fake the real orchestra to the point of people not even knowing it.  That then can be put to midi data given over to a professional that makes the midi data into the orchestration for the orchestra(parts etc) Then played by a real orchestra and recorded if you desire it.

    This is done all the time.

    so in house our contract work for hire it really doesn't matter. 

    What matter is the vision for the game what kind of score do you want, what main theme will represent your game.  that's what matters.

    What is the feeling your are trying to get across for that music.  Isn't going to be the epic romantic theme that is also the Irish theme set to orchestra.  It is going to be something different?

  9. I am going to help some of you out here as you have some misconseptions on time and art.


    Genius, everyone is a Genius you choose to do what you do and how well you do it.

    Another way of saying this is everyone is Devine.


    Time vs being good at something is a disipline.  People are creatures of habit and you create new habits through your life to mold you and your life style to that habit.


    Writing music or doing art work on a dead line does not make you better writter then if you had no dead line.

    A lot of people will go "oh I created my best work because I had such such time to crank it out."  This works both ways.

    One you struggle to come up with what you need or two you create something great because of the dead line.


    Neither of these make you better or help the process.  You work and how fast you work is because of you disiplined your mind at doing it.  The time line just pushes you to do what you should have as a habit in your lifestyle already.


    Just remember you have no limitations that are the same as anyone else.  In the end you create your limitations.


    there is a saying:

    Use limitation that is no limitation

    use a way that is no way.

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