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  1. I look forward to that creature update. It will be interesting to see what you guys decide on for art work and how far you take your imaginations in a new IP.


    Are you creating creatures to just fit the world you create? or are you going all out with wild ideas around souls, a new plane maybe, a creature that can eat souls? What sort of imagery are you looking to convey? what influences those art works.



    and will there be more grey models of creatures with Meh :p


    and yes people I was a backer of this game one of the first acutally.

  2. Rob Nesler of course your game will be great you guys will make it great.


    When you have a passion for something that passion will drive you to make the best product you can for your audience and yourself.


    Your also a fine writer ^_-


    I have to start composing music for a game in a month and I will be putting as much passion into the score as you will in your art work. "Passion is the key"

    Till next time! *your next art update*


    I like this saying here:

    This kind of transparency comes with obvious risks: it takes time to assemble, write, and respond to responses to updates and we expose ourselves to much greater criticism.


    and yes you do.

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  3. Hey thanks for the update even if it is completely and totally unimpresive. I like to see where your are direction is going for the world and creatures.

    Cool to see the very basics but really there is no need.

    It's like me posting a mix with out any of the FX on it.

    Well of course. It's polite and useful commentary like this that I find particularly inspiring. I'll get right on this, just for you.


    Why thank you sire and I tip my hat to you.


    I look forward to the updates that show the art direction of the game. I know that is the basic of the basic.

    For me however I would moderate what I show as the creation of my work. Of course you guys aren't trying to impress right now but show the process behind the development.


    Keep doing the updates and stay positive.

  4. I would like to see some real horror, dungeons are scary.


    When battles happen I want to see some blood some limbs fly when there critical hits of death.


    I want there to be nudity where it's part of the story or works with what is going on.


    I want mature themes of gray and tons gray.


    I would also like to see horror as the background in an area to create a dark mood whatever.


    Will be interesting to where you go with your game.

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  5. Justin are you going to be using different ethnic styles to represent cultures in the game or are you guys going for an over all

    style for the game.


    When they say Ancient for music are you talking about the over all feel of the music not say the instruments.


    I just did game piece for fun using just East West's Platinum and Lexicon 960. I hit ever Cliche' in the book in this piece folks!

    and I suck at spelling.


  6. Big Ups to your Obsidian and Making your dream to compose your Rpg! now I am going to talk about music directing:


    Put as much love as you do in creating your world as you would directing the music.


    Any composer can create the big brass orchestra and Choir with Big Drums, or the sweeping Romantic orchestra. The Beautiful Celtic melodies (arranged to songs)

    That's all Cliche with the formula of a Fantasy Game setting(and it works every time!)


    Make the music mean as much in the game as the game it's self. Give the game a main theme but also give love and care to the themes of characters and there psychology in the game (relationships to there themes and the meaning)


    Major event happening to a character that is emotional then play there theme! So the gamer has a psychological attachment to what is happening and the character, this way they will feel the emotions of the character.


    Have the music Create the proper emotions for a place and be related to the game world.


    Music should relate to the events and characters when they talk about a world not just play dark forest theme. Events that bring up the dark forest should highlight a motif from dark forest theme.


    if you are creating a world that supposed to be renaissance period dont' through a silly piano piece in there with orchstra or strings, don't allow the composer to compose some modern style Harmonic Devices that wouldn't even exsist on solo instruments of that time period. (unless it fits your world) Orchestra is different story(it will just sound Romantic). Keep the immersion of the world.


    Keep the music true to the world. If it's going to be more like a Film score and your going to be using a more Romantic style approach to the score then use same motifs often through the score of the world. Wagner started this with his Operas and this style of writing hasn't looked back since.


    Give places there own motifs and themes but also have them relate to the characters and events that happen in the game.


    Do not have one Battle theme that plays through the whole damn game! That's bad music directing. If you have to have same battle theme then have the composer rearrange it so it's

    in different instruments or different key, tempo, and pratically creates a new theme.


    Have more then one Boss theme, let the gamer know there fighting major evil here and the music is telling it! Have a Last Boss theme a special track just for the last fight that ends the game.



    Music director should work with the composer or the composer should be the music director.


    And Congrats on your great success^_-


    If I could ask you to listen to a film that set this whole Cliche Fantasy thing on fire it would be Connan the Barabarian(the orginal of course)


    really this style comes out of the Romantic Period and is taken from Carl Orff


    We composers don't mind but we also like to know what's going on.


    And Congrats on your great success^_-


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