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  1. I'd rather there be a focus on quality and then give us mod tools and let the users worry about content later
  2. About when can we expect that character sheet we are supposed to get for the NPC we are designing for the game?
  3. Unsure yet, I have a while to think about it, would like to see the character sheet first.
  4. why not put "all of the above" on top of "none of the above"? "all of the above except 4" seems kind of dumb.
  5. As a windows user, I'd rather see a Linux port of the game. If Linux can become a serious gaming platform, I can drop windows entirely. Steam is already coming to Linux, so, I see hope for Linux in the future.
  6. people need to get over this hatred for Steam. Steam is a wonderful service, and the DRM is non intrusive. Games can be played offline after a one time online activation. Steam does not run any DRM processes in the background.
  7. I realize momentum died down somewhat, but there are 30 days left. I have high hopes. Maybe with enough money, Obsidian can hire a few more people and get the game released ahead of schedule.
  8. I agree, the more in depth the character creation is, the better a first impression your game makes. Take a look at Skyrim, for example.
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