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  1. I heard this story many times and every time I disagreed. Are you really sure that encounters are better in IE games than I ToEE? I mean, how many times did you use the same exact tactic in BG2 (destroy enemy spellcasters with all your firepower and than dwell on melee scum?); how many "trash mobs" did you fight during your journey? For me ToEE has the best combats in a D&D game so far, not only the best combat system. Maybe it's because I knew all the balancing issues of AD&D way before I started to play BG of IWD, and used them to my advantage, but I really don't remember tons of memorable encounters in those games. Instead I remember very short encounters with trash mobs and lots of interesting things to fight in TToEE, like the wall of meat.... This is a fine point. But a finer point is: would they be better games with deep tactical combats? Yes, they would...
  2. @catmorbid: I opened a similar topic this morning (Rome time) and I totally agree with you. TBC is still the best solution for party-based RPGs. Few characters with tons of abilities/skills/spells need a lot of micromanagment and so a lot of pauses. Consequently a RTP system doesn't give you either the fluidity of RT system and the complete control over the action of a TB system. And, no: Tb system aren't necesserily slow. They are slow only if they are designed for being slow (read low killing ratio) . Look X-Com or JA for confirmation...
  3. I played Planescape (I mean, the p&p setting) for years. It's still my favorite fantasy setting, and, of course, there is a lot things I miss about it. Here, however, I wanna talk about what I miss the most from the videogame Planescape: Torment, not from the setting. In order 1) Quest design: complex, branching, interesting quests, with a delicious point and click adventure flavor 2) Dialogue system: lot of options, skill/stat checks, and - most important - no tags that help players to choice the "right" line. 3) Companion interaction and other mechanics that improve roleplay : Circle of Zerthimon. Do you need other samples?
  4. And I don't agree even with this line. For me good bestiary = good combat encounters, and ToEE has a VERY good bestiary. It has a poor story, a TERRIBLE hud, but definitely not a weak encounter design or overall combat. I find overall weaker the combat in the AD&D powered IE games, in part because they inherited the balance issues of AD&D, in part because something was lost in translation (from a TBC sytem to RTP one), in part because the encounter design (more in BG than in IWD) allowed players to use the same tactic in most of the situations. Anyway, the point is not how good is combat in ToEE. The point is why choosing a RTP system instead of TB one, and - honestly - till now I didn't hear a good reason... Actually I don't think hybrid solutions works. So I prefer a 100% a RTP combat...
  5. I'm aware of that, but I would like if one the developers came here to explain his reasons.... Weak? Are you serious, man? In my opinion TToEE has the best adaptation of the best edition of D&D (3.5). It also has the best bestiary in a D&D game, So, in short, it has the best combat (especially with Co8 installed) ...Bugs apart, obviously
  6. <p> Because combats in The Temple of Elemental Evil work better. And because the best tactical games ever shipped on pc (X-Com an Jagged Alliance) are both turn based. I'm not saying that TBS sucks, don't get me wrong, Tiliqua. I really love this kind of games. But I'm still convinced that TBC is better suited for RPGs, and I explained why in my first post.
  7. Sorry, man, but this argument is dead as disco . Have you ever seen a walkthrough of the new X-Com or played a p&p session with Cthulhu or Warhammer Fantasy RPG? Turn based combats are slow only if you design them for being slow. True enough, but this one could be my dream's computer-RPG PS: sorry for the double post, I can't find the delete button
  8. First of all, hi to everyone. I'm new to the forum but I'm also a die-hard fan of the RPG genre (both p&p systems and videogames). So I guess this's gonna be an easy "cohabitation". Now, let's cut to the chase: I loved IE games, (before them I loved Darklands, that - I suspect - influenced a LOT the way you designed Storm of Zehir, Obsidian guys :D), I loved Myth, I love Total War, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War games...In short, I have nothing against tactical real time combat systems. Still I consider turn based combat the best choice for RPGs. Why? Essentially because RPGs are games where players are supposed to handle with a small number of characters (4 up to 6, usually) with an huge amount of abilities/skills/spells (in comparison with war games). So, a lot of micro-management is need in order to "correctly" use those abilities, and so, a lot of pauses are needed in order to do that. The result is a combat system that doesn't offer either the fluidity of a RTC system and the complete control over the action of a TBC system. Now, I know you guys have a lot of experience with tactical combats and I'm totally sure you considered all options, but are you totally sure that TBCs aren't the best choice for this game? If yes, why? PS: Sorry for my low score in English skill. I'm a foreigner .
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