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  1. Hello there, I would like to humbly request my Kickstarter badge as well. Thank you. ^_^
  2. Proud Members of the OBSIDIAN ORDER OF ETERNITY: Members must post what forum title they would like to have in this thread (or any last minute corrections) and OOoE member SqueakyCat will add you to the list so you can receive your personal forum title as soon as possible. Thank you very much! One last question if I may use this thread: I originally pledged on Kickstarter and increased my pledge here, but I don't have the Kickstarter badge. Am I missing something? Cheers.
  3. Hi All! I have jury duty today so I will take care of these when I return later today. I still haven't had time to fill out my own pledge on the portal site either. Even if you join through the portal, you still need to leave a post in this thread to have a title added. Welcome to the Obsidian Order of the Eternity! Thanks for the welcoming! As Lone Wolf being taken seems to be the case, I'll be content with Ravensoul of the Obsidian Order. Souls are the thing in Eternity, right?
  4. Hello there! I filled in the survey about the Obsidian Order name, but I think I misunderstood it and thought it would replace my forum name rather than add specific title. In that case is there any possibility to change it? I typed "Vendrevard ot Ikadebus of the Obsidian Order" which looks like a name, not title. If it is possible, I would like to change it to "Lone Wolf of the Obsidian Order". Thank you!
  5. I just turned 24 few days ago. My favorite RPG, and game all together, is and will always be: Planescape: Torment. Close second would be Witcher series, after that infinity engine RPGs.
  6. No, thank you, Obsidian! :D This project is dreamlike. I was basically raised by Torment, IWD and Baldur so this is gigantic nostalgic ride for me as well. While Dragon Age failed to be the spiritual successor of those games at so many levels, I sincerely believe you guys can pull it off. You got my pledge, you got my support - good luck!
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