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  1. I recently began playing Alpha Protocol and I did this instantly as I hate motion blur. Thanks, I will try your solution and disable only through menu. EDIT: It worked, thank you! Now I have no technical issues.
  2. That's acceptable, nothing wrong with Steam's delivery system. The always-on is what's bothering, especially in single player games. I assume to know if it requires steam or not a developer would have to respond? I hope they do. If it doesn't require Steam I will pledge immediately for a copy.
  3. Yes, please contact GOG developers! This game is probably going to end up there sooner or later and might as well be at release if possible. Adding the game on GOG assures that people that enjoy DRM-free copies will be happy as well as the game will probably be available for a long time, even if services such as Steam is shut down one day.
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