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  1. In the warehouse mission in Rome, killing cops still results in a news report as if you escaped before they arrived - i.e. "no shots were fired".
  2. I just used one of the Unreal 3 engine UPK extractors and extracted the appropriate looking files, in this case primarily Alpha Protocol\APGame\CookedPC\Packages\Dialogues\News\EG01_NEWS_WAV.upk (there are also EG02, 03, 04, which added the last three items to my original post, but as Hassat Hunter said appear not to be from the credits). The sound files are containers that hold the audio in OGG format along with the subtitles, which can be easily viewed in a text editor. It would appear so. In fact, they are just plain text files that don't need any special tools. Go to Alpha Protocol\APGame\Localization\ and then the subfolder appropriate to your language. Look for EG01_NEWS_WAV.XXX (where XXX is the language code) and open it in Notepad or the like. The English subs are also there (in the INT folder), so I could have saved myself a lot of trouble lol.
  3. English subtitles are already embedded in the audio stream, although they don't show up as I recall. Anyway, I've extracted them if you wanted to run them through an online translator to convert them to the language of your choice. WARNING! ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE SPOILERS!! Do not read these unless you have finished the game at least once (and preferably at least 2 or 3 times). You have been warned. There are a series of audio files for the news clips. Which ones play depend on your choices during the game. I have listed the filenames and added my guesses on what choices trigger them.
  4. It's not always like that though. You'd think if it was corrupt, it would be like that the entire time.
  5. I'm getting some weird graphical errors in the inventory screen menus. It seems to happen at the beginning of the game in the Greybox, then when you get to Saudi it returns to normal, then at the next hub it screws up again, then after that it seems to occasionally return to normal and then screw up again. At some points it is black instead of white. It also affects the mini-games, as they pop up against either a white or black background, rather than just being superimposed over the current environment. Here are some screenshots to show what I am talking about: System is Win 7 x64, GeForce GTX 260. I've tried the latest drivers and older ones with no change. I'm not forcing any AA or AF.
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