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  1. I'm I gilded vale and I gained enough xp to level up. After the level up process the game crashes when transitioning back to the normal screen. Happens regardless of which party member is levelling up (myself or aloth) I would attach a save game or zip file with the crash report but the forum uploader keeps giving me "This upload failed" message. thanks edit: It only occurs in outdoor gilded vale, inside a building is fine
  2. @ The Sharmat they were dysfunctional, but far more appealing than the obvious, brute force approach of many new games Agreed on FFG though
  3. - Armour is for protection, Coc*tail dresses for showing (avoiding censorship) -Dragons are ment to be hard and ****ing scary - Romances are subtle (Visas Marr), Lust is not
  4. more the merrier more interparty banter = more fun actually having the party members you like adventuring WITH you, rather than back at camp not having to choose between characters you want to have in the party As long as it is balanced
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