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  1. Aight, sweet. Nonetheless the quest is bound to be of major importance and life and death so same premises apply.
  2. Quickly flying through some posts in this topic I can't help but notice that some of romance's opposers only consider it to be some sexual side dish when properly done it would (or at least in my mind should) be about love but not in its Hollywoodesque form of flowers, chocolate and sex but ever-growing companionship, caring and deep emotions. Being a pledger I naturally have no idea what the story-setting is but I'm gonna take a wild guess that end of the world is somehow related to it so strengthening your relationships with those close to you in a form or another would be reasonable to expect. After all, don't we all want as immersive game world as possible? PS. Someone with more talent in English could explain my point better. Rather hard to make a speech appealing to emotions with non-native language :D
  3. Eternity: Dusk I betcha those names would've sounded a lot less funnier if there wasn't power metal around!
  4. Apparently the eternitywiki.com domain has expired. "NOTICE: This domain name expired on 09/17/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion."
  5. I'd really like the option to avoid combats. When talking about cRPGs - or pretty much any game -, I usually just prefer to discover the world and complete quests in sort of peace. Facing high power "random" enemies when you've skilled pretty much only your conversational skills can be really irritating if you're saving your equipment (including ammo, food etc.) for some character that actually has its effect on the main plot. Of course, you should make it so that you wouldn't only benefit from trying to play that way. Maybe make some side quests requiring combat skills or maybe even two-way decisions with bigger consequences?
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