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  1. If it actually plays well, my hat's off to them. I can't imagine playing PoE with a controller. I'm still not sure I believe it.
  2. Love the new tooltips and improved combat log, will spend many hours staring at them. Cool stuff all around.
  3. I'm so hype for the combat log filters. Edit: Does anyone know of any mods that do the same thing for P1? Editx2: THAT Recovery Time tooltip! Between that and the pimped out combat log... what more is there to life really?
  4. It is that feeling we all get... deep down inside.... that the next version will be here soon and even better than before... that on the inside we are bubbling over with excitement and glee and makes us scream like little girls.... even if we are 6'4 grown men. Ahem.... nothing to see here.... ahem..... carry on.... all of you, carry on now!..... please, just carry on! Ha! Yeah just the fact that Deadfire gets to benefit from all of the experience and feedback they got from the first game. Can't wait, It's on like Donkey Kong!
  5. (Pillars team + sequel momentum) = Deadfire is the BEST thing dropping next year. Just so we're ALL clear. Thanks...
  6. I have no way of re-creating it. Just letting you know it happened. I was hoping there would be something in the logs that would help you.
  7. Yeah, as far as the party AI goes it all depends on how much you want to micro them. As you play more you'll get a handle on how you want to approach it. I generally set them to defensive and leave per-rest abilities un-checked as I enjoy a good amount of micro. The trouble with turning the party AI off is that sometimes you'll lose track of a party member and then you'll notice them just standing there staring at butterflies while the chaos ensues.
  8. These two things helped me a lot when I first started playing: 1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414713755&insideModal=1 2. youtube guide (take anything that's said in older vids about attributes and build guides with a grain of salt as things change with patches, but at some point in that video he goes through how to approach combat and I found it useful). The only auto-puase I have set is when combat first starts (I belive that is the default). As you get better you'll know when to manually pause with the space bar to issue new commands.
  9. Durance is equipped with a fine quarterstaff that is using the Damaging 2 quality enchantment. However, you can still enchant the fine quarterstaff's quality to fine (even though the quality enchant is already used, and the quarterstaff is already fine). To see it, load the save named quarter_staff_bug. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qt8i5egtazdca4k/Pillars%20of%20Eternity_saves.zip?dl=0 Note: I'm pretty sure that was a fine quarterstaff I had in my stash and I am the one that added the damaging 2 quality to it.
  10. On my rogue is a armor called Jack of Wide Waters that has 6 burn DR. If you enchant it with burn-proof the DR only goes up to 8 instead of 9. To see this, load the save named proofing_bug. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qt8i5egtazdca4k/Pillars%20of%20Eternity_saves.zip?dl=0
  11. I was fighting a bounty in Cliaban Rilag and Aloth gets KOd, only he doesn't fall to the ground. He just stays standing, bouncing up and down like he's still fighting (also, healing and revive spells would not work on him). He stayed that way even after the fight was finished. I couldn't leave the area without him, and I couldn't try saving as it gave me the "cannot save while in combat" message. In the attached pic, you can see him standing there while my party is leaving. I attached the output log and my saves as well. Don't know how well my saves make a difference since I couldn't sav
  12. Lets say I have a character with 7 base DR and no other types of DR listed underneath it on the character sheet. What is my DR for elemental damage like fire and lighting? Is it 0? Or 7?
  13. For instance, if the first spell I cast in combat has Average cast time, will there be a big difference between having 18 dex and 4 dex? Or does having more dex allow you to cast more spells during combat, but their cast time is static?
  14. There are apparently mods that let you respec the attributes of the story companions. I was thinking about doing that. Does anyone know if installing mods affects Steam achievements?
  15. I searched around and some people say that completing a quest = 1 turn. Just want to make sure that is true. Is completing a task a turn as well?
  16. For instance, I'm currently building the training grounds in the keep and I'm very curious as to how it's going to work so I really just want to travel back and forth from a couple places to get it built quicker (or just rest a few times). So I'm wondering does "wasting" time in Pillars affect quests at all? I hope it doesn't, I hate time limits in video games.
  17. This pertains to the darkspore in the sea cave. To re-produce: Load the save entitled Rogue_SeaCave. Click on the rogue (named Robert) and mouse over the Darkspore to attack it. While mousing over the enemy it's very easy to have both the attack reticle showing as well as highlighting the nearby corpse (just need to be hovering towards the middle or left side of the spore). If you click to attack, the rogue will loot the nearby corpse instead. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hca76hcib4ub4w1/Sea_Cave.zip?dl=0
  18. This pertains to the xaurip encounter after talking to the two fisherman in Anslog's Compass. If the player is on the right side of the fisherman while talking to them (which is easy to do as you just walk straight down and talk to them), it won't auto-pause when the xaurips show up. The reason this stood out to me is I had Fast Mode active, so those two fisherman ran to their death very quickly while my party just stood there. I assume it doesn't auto-pause because none of the xaurips are targeting your party. If that's the case, fair enough, the player can always load the auto-save a
  19. Thanks, Never used dropbox before, here's the link, it should have all of my saved files. Just load the quicksave. https://www.dropbox.com/s/84ddtuglmtlgq3l/Pillars%20of%20Eternity.zip?dl=0
  20. Hello, I just rolled a new rogue, upon gaining my first level, I quick-saved and clicked on the plus button to level up. I maxed out stealth (to 5) and went to pick a talent. Instead of talents from just the Rogue class, I noticed I could choose talents from all of the classes. I though that was weird, so I quick loaded to see if it would happen again. Upon quick loading I noticed my stealth was now already at 5 and I still had six new points to work with. I can do this over and over (add six skill points, click next, hit f8 to quick load, click the plus sign to level up, the skill po
  21. Finally started playing this week. I'm having soooooooooooo much fun figuring out how this game works. It's so complex and fun and pretty. The only other party-based RTwP game I've played is BG2 and I didn't really like the combat in that game, but I'm LOVING RTwP in Pillars. I've never had this much fun poring over character sheets and battle logs. Every time I first enter into a dungeon with my party staring into the fog of war I'm thinking yeaaahhh, it's onnnn now! I realize everyone here knows about the awesomeness contained within this game, but I just had to gush Peace out!
  22. Another thing a companion should bring to the game is you should get access to at least one quest that you wouldn't otherwise get access to without them in your party. Also, at some point with any companion-only quest line, there should be at least one interesting decision for the player to make. At the end of the game they should be able to look back on that decision and wonder what would've happened had they made a different choice.
  23. To dmbot's point about companions initiating the dialogue: I agree that it does make them feel more alive, but it can sometimes be annoying, particularly if it's out of context. In BG2 I would be in some dark, messed up dungeon and then Jaheria and Aerie would start cat fighting over who likes me more (who could blame them). There would always be a dialogue option where you could tell them "not now" or "no one cares" but I never chose those for fear of affecting the relationship with them. So, while I do like when they bring stuff up, there's a time and place. Certain dialogues should
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