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  1. A pledged lack of chainmail bikinis. But no, really, all I have is $20. I'm very excited for the project, but all I can do at this point is bring up PE to my fellow gamer friends in hopes they'll pledge some more. Sadly, only one seems interested in the concept and she's waiting on more plotline details.
  2. Well I did say a compromise in my second line, there can be ways to buy more time (or for that matter, lose it). Does depend on how strict the timer is anyway, I'm assuming some worst case where the developer badly misjudges how long the majority will take and people end up in a blind rush to finish the game and ignoring content. But then again, Fallout did it well, rush to get the WC and then ta-da : new antagonist. Hahaha, I actually bought FO1 recently from GoG.com and I find the WC clock extremely stressful. It's likely why I haven't finished the game. Every time I go to that me
  3. Yeah, Hive minds are always awesome. The problem with Geth and the Geth/Quarian dynamic is that it's basically Battlestar Galactica. I may be looking at this narrowly, but I really can't spot a narrative difference. It's all basically this writing style where you look everywhere to steal storylines and recognizable imagery and then just mix the results a little. Too bad there aren't any proper updates for PE regarding races. Meaning, if the next one's elf, that's not a good start. Or at least a regular one... I never watched BSG. I'm not much of a TV person, really. I'll have to take y
  4. Probably the best thing Bioware ever did, in my opinion, was the Geth and the narrative throughline about the dangers of imposing one's own morality on an entirely different life form. "Treating every species like one's own is racist. Even benign anthropomorphism." Since BW didn't want to explore that deeply enough (goddamnit Bioware), I'd love to see PE take a stab at that concept in depth.
  5. I play non-human in every game that lets me. I think a big part of why I haven't finished DA2 is that I was shoehorned into playing human, and I just... no thanks. I've played Argonian (**** yeah waterbreathing), city elf (whoo, metaphor for institutionalized racism), orcs (screw tanking, imma ranged stealth build). I genuinely enjoy games more when I don't have to play human, but I like the roleplaying aspect of such games a lot, the way I can step outside myself and think not "what would I do" but "what would my PC do". I'd want ALL THE RACES, tbh. So long as, as others have said, they'r
  6. Oh god, having flashbacks to leaving Morrigan in camp because MORRIGAN DISAPPROVES -5. I doubt this dev team would make such an approval system so irritating, and I like the idea a lot, but man, talk about bad memories.
  7. That works for a hardcore mode, but as someone who can't play games straight through and often has to drop them for a week or a month at a time.... big no thank you. I rely heavily on quest logs in games to remember what I was doing.
  8. I also want a complex system of gods and favors etc, but I hope there's an option to go atheist. I particularly liked roleplaying that in Skyrim recently after my friend explained to me "You can't BE an atheist, the gods really exist in TES" and I took that as a challenge.
  9. Oh good, now a discussion thread has devolved into "lets use game mechanics to rape the other characters." That's it, I'm out. At this rate, I truly take back my original arguments: No romance options. Not worth it.
  10. Torn between thinking an incidentally trans character would be a really great piece of representation for a group of people who get nothing too often, and not wanting the dudebros anywhere near such a character. I can hear the transphobic slurs already...
  11. Sometimes I replay RPGs on Easy because I just want the story. And there are people who haven't grown up with this style of game who may need to tackle it on Easy first. And I have a friend-of-a-friend with a physical disability that makes console games impossible for her and PC games tricky (she does a lot of rebinding of keys). I think making fun of Easy Mode is cute in theory, but potentially alienating in execution.
  12. That's a hugely reassuring Dev reply. Cool, cool. In the end: We all play games for different reasons. We shouldn't strive to exclude people, but to be as inclusive as feasibly possible. Some people play for the tactics. Some for the story. Some for a punishing challenge. If someone else plays differently than you do, what does that hurt?
  13. I never implied they were morons. I just implied they were in it for the sex and to satisfy an emptiness inside them. I don't think that's unfair to guess from the how fanatical they are about it. Oooooor maybe we like stories that tell about the big picture and the small picture, and romance, betrayal, friendship, rejection, the search for contentment, etc-- these are all part of the human condition and they are a part of storytelling.
  14. 1. It's not about attractiveness, it's about whether the dev team can write a compelling narrative that involves romance. Not sex, not porn, not erotica. Those things have their place, but they are not what is being discussed here. 2. Considering "attractiveness" is an entirely subjective trait, one person's 5 is another person's 10. 3. Charisma shouldn't be a physical thing. It should be about someone's presence and leadership and their ability to garner sympathy. AKA: things that have nothing to do with physical attractiveness. 4. "Gagging for a virtual shag" = lol troll harder N
  15. Wow, no no no. Do not make it CHA based. If you're gonna do it, do it as a build-off of an already strong friendship. Please for the love of god don't make it about attractiveness. We're talking about a romance arc, not a sex arc. There is a difference. jfc, at this rate I want to change my answer to no romances at all. I just had it in my head that, hey, if anyone had a chance of doing it right, it was this dev team.
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