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  1. Obsidian: Please do a statement about this topic. The first 1 or 2 treads about this: okay! Im fine with it! But this is rediculous! Stop opening every day a new "romance yes/no?" tread. I cant stand it. Please Obsidian! Stop this, only you have the power to do so kind regards, Jira
  2. I would prefer werewolfs and vampires. Other undead creatures are to "special" in my opion. And "demonic humans" like Annah from Planescape: Torment. I dont want to see "standard fantasy races" in every fantasy game. Vampires and werewolfs are fantasy too! Like lizardsmens, orks, goblins, and so on. Why only human, elves and dwarves to be playable? Its kind of boring to play only this races in every game. kind regards, Jira
  3. No, you misunderstand what i mean. I dont care if you are the most powerful character in the whole game history, but it have to be logical. In many games you be a peasant in a small village and one day you take a sword in your hand and you become better than everone in no time. This dont make any sense. In PS: T you are a immortal tousand years old guy, because your are actually tousand of years old. It is logical that you are the most powerful character in the world. But why every peasant like in Dungeon Siege or Dragons Dogma become the most powerful hero in no time only because a prophet said you are the choosen one? I hope you see my point... EDIT: In some games its will be interessting to be a normal person, but in general i want to be a special person, thats why i be the hero of the game, but it have to make sense to me. Thats all... EDIT2: Changed my vote according to this... kind regards, Jira
  4. I think its much more fun to explane rationally why you are better than the other people. Look at TNO in PS:T. he isnt a hero, but he is tousand of years old and because of this everything like magic and so on, he learn easier than the other people. Sure it isnt realitic to play a tousand years old kick-in-the-ass-overlord, but it is more logical than this prophetic "you are the choosen one the prophets talked of!" crap. I cant stand this anymore! There have to be more stories out ther, than only to be the overpowered one-man-army how could save us all! Even in fallout2, mabye you ARE the choosen one, but this is only a primitive nonsense from this clan people(dont know the word in english). In the "civilisation" of vault city noone gives a **** about the choosen one crap... kind regards, Jira
  5. I hate this choosen one bull****. It is so overused! Every ****ing game used this schem, i hope so much they dont use it in project eternity... Better a nameless one than a choosen one :D kind regards, Jira
  6. Yes, but hidden. I hate such messages like "loyalty increase by 1" or something like this! kind regards, Jira
  7. i dont understand why they not added kickstarter yet. Many people around the world want to back this great project but without a credit card we cant give Obsidian our donation. They said they add paypal in a "few days". Its allready a week and an day later! Hurry up Obsidian. Dont exclude your fans from europe kind regards, Jira
  8. I see your point, but i think its not fair to act as you do in this case. Just my opinion... kind regards, Jira
  9. You broke my little heart, tough guy ... ... How about talking in my language? You will WISH to sound like a caveman :D Serious: I try hard and do my best to write as good as I could. Sorry for failing at this...
  10. Yeah its rediculous that people starts fooling around if they dont have any arguments left kind regards, Jira
  11. Sorry to disapointing you, but it dont will be. I am fine with that, what Obsidian will be decide. I dont mind if they dont do everything i want.I dont want dwarves and elves, but they will be in, who cares? Elves and dwareves are chlichee but they are good. I dont want firearms in the game, but they will be in the game, but who cares? Maybe the firearms will be a good feature and i will miss it after a while playing PE and i will be glad they are in. I do want romances in the game, but if they not in the game, you guessed ist, who cares? It will be not a bad game, only because their will be no romances... If i do want a game wich is like i imagine, i do it myself.(Actually i do, but who cares?^^)I am skilled enough do it, and im proud of it, so i do it myself and i will be fine with this. I gave my money(actually i dont gave money yet, i waiting for the paypal account ) to make it posible for Obsidian to make THEIR game, because i trust thes guys and i love their games. I dont give my money to cry about if i dont get what i want. Dont be childish ^_^ kind regards, Jira
  12. Stop it to talk all day about "Sims" like there was any romance in there. Sims is only a cheep simulator of human interaction, without any intelectual content. You dont "talk" to the sim-npc. You only watch them talk in a strange language and do childish things in the bedroom. There isnt any content of character developing, personal storys, personality, etc. You cant compare it with rpg dialogues, because "The Sims" doesnt have any "dialogues" except of this strange mumbeling nobody understand(like my english, i think :D) kind regards, Jira
  13. Do you have some kind of "prove" about this statement? Because of my own experience i dont can say that this is true. I read often that publishers dont want that kind of npc interaction because they think its only waste of time and mony, like mostly of all the other rpg features the fans love... Maybe its not your kind of argue but some people "use" this "the publisher forced them to do" as a all-time-statment, to state out their point, and i dont think its a good idea to give all the bad choices to the publishers and say: "it was their faul!" It will be right many times, but not every time. Do you know what i mean? Yeah, since i discuss with you people about this, i also think that Obsidian isnt the kind of developer who could make this well, so they maybe shouldn't do it, because its not their "style" and all this. I do think romances are a important part of human being and so it has to be in video games too. Imagine a Max Payne Story without his beloved wife, or Mona Sax. It will be only a shooting game with a dark setting. But the human feelings of Max let me feel he is a real(but crazy) person, not just a "video game hero" kick-all-the-asses-bad-guy like duke nukem and such. Human feelings make us..uhm...human, so without this,video game characters never feel like real acting humans, only like unreal puppets, or robots. Thats my opinion. kind regards, Jira
  14. Achievments: Dont want them, dont need them. I dont understand why achievements this common... kind regards, Jira
  15. Maybe you are right. But i dont mean that people are "stupid", they dont use their brains in my opinion... I try to explain it: If Obsidian add romance to the game, they dont do it without thinking about it. They not only take their own opinion in account. No professional do. If we do, we cant do our work. I know Obsidian will make PE for the fans of old school rpgs and all this, but i dont think they behave like little children. Their isnt only "your opinion, my opinion". As a developer you have to make comprimisses. Everyday, again and again. And therefore i trust Obsidian, because they think about it as professionals. But many members her dont want to see both sides. For the most it exist only their own side, and thats wrong in my opinion. As game designer you have to have a heart(mybe this sound stupid but who cares) to understand what people do want, and what they dont want. If you dont have the heart to feel for your customers and fans, you cant do a good job. I cant make an application for, um, lets say, saleswoman and try to add tousand of overhelming function she dont want and dont need. If you dont have this understanding for your customers you cant do right software for the right people. Thats what i mean. Its hard for me to explain it in english. Sorry, if it isnt written well... kind regards, Jira
  16. To be honest: I dont know. Maybe because i know this from writing letters and think its kind of more personal. Dont know... :D
  17. Yeah, and if they do i will agree with that. And do you know why? Because the people at Obsidian use their brains, and dont dismiss their fans and customers because they "dont like romances". When they deside that no romances should be in PE, so its a desicion made with heart and brain. Two thinks most of you lack... kind regards, Jira P.S.: I hope no one gets this the wrong way. I dont want to abuse anyone...
  18. Luckily i am not as sad as you, that i dont have the attitude to accept other peoples opinion... Kind regards, Jira
  19. It isnt. You miss the point. I argue with you about this, and you ignore me. You not more than a troll, i think... Yeah and when a backer complained that there will be no romance than he is a wacko? Thats does make sense...NOT! All limited ressources are forget because of a strech goal? Are you really serious? Or you just kidding? I cant belive it... This is only your opinion and it will be your opinion until the rest of you live...deal with it! Just great. You ARE a troll... Jira
  20. Except for limited resources. So, thats it guys. Lets get down to buissness! Who of you worked in the game industry or is at least programmer, game designer or somthing other who could know about the complexity of the game development process, huh? I dont believe some of this total wrong statements here. To compare romances to combat, character system, etc, is totally nonsense! There much much much much more things at developing a game, than to put some text/dialouge together and set it at the right place. To do it better than in other games, you have to do more than just this, but it will be never grow in that scope of a combat system, a isometric rendering engine, the inventory or ingame effect, and so on. So please, before you write such a nonsense ask people who know about this, because they worked as a programmer for example... kind regards, Jira
  21. Come on. This is not the point. If a feature is more important than an other depends not on individual taste, it is based on the game concept. If i want to make a Dungeon Crawler, no one expect deep dialogues or complex characters. I expect a good dungein design, many monsters, weapons, a good balancing and optionally a little bit story. If i make a racing game, the people expect good looking cars, good physics, many tune options, and so on.But Characters and romance? Nobody cares! But in a RPG wich is about PEOPLE and about a PARTY of PEOPLE, no developer will laugh at you if you expect characters, story and all this. Because it is part of the game. If romance/love is a important part of the concept, then it doesnt matter what I thinkt or what you think. It only matter if its a important part of the game concept. If its dont, then you are right, then it is an unimportant features. But if character ineraction part of the man concept, also romance IS a important part. kind regards, Jira
  22. Dear Jira, Here is a valuable argument: It is, indeed. Touché :D kind regards, Jiras
  23. If romance is included in the game, then just don't pursue it if you hate it. Simple. I just don't understand why people want to be ABLE to interact with their companions and world with every known possible human emotion (anger, pride, rage, frustation, sorrow, disappointment, envy, regret, satisfaction, fear, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.).... but have a problem with love, lust and passion. That seriously does not make sense to me. You are not the only one I dont make sense to me either... And the anti-romance side dont state out many valuable arguments. kind regards, Jira
  24. "In a compromiss everyone get what he want, but no one is happy with it" kind regards, Jira
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