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  1. Hello everybody! Just a quick update to show off the latest cards. Backer Portal Update So far, about 2/3 of all backers have completed their pledge. If you haven't done so, please take a few moments and complete your pledge today: Please click here to access the Backer Portal If you do not have an Obsidian account, you can create one at that link and then complete your pledge. If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact us at: support@zeroradiusgames.com New Cards Here are two new finalized cards: We are quickly approaching the e
  2. It's looking like PayPal will be active after the campaign. We'll post in the various social sites when its active. Also, Kickstarter uses Stripe now. I thought that was more friendly to debit cards?
  3. Sadly we aren't shipping to Brazil. Our fulfillment company recommended that we not ship to certain countries because of high package loss issues. We are very sorry.
  4. I'm looking into printing options right now. I got a quote in with one printer right now waiting for them to get back to me. As someone else suggested, I'll check with US Playing Card Company also.
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