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  1. I just want to know whether obsidian intends to make DS4? Now this news?
  2. May be from the current DS3 designed to talk about the DS4 will be more realistic. A variety of dungeon scene in DS3 did a great job, especially the Sun treasures. The story is more delicate than the original, while the dialogue within an acceptable range in length and frequency. DS3's main weak point is the lasting appeal (Include the poor online cooperative mode). This is not just changing too large or difficult to meet the fans of the original.If view it as a stand-alone game,the main weak point is still this aspect.So it should be enhanced in DS4. Before the release of DS3,I have read many posts in this forum.Found that many DS fans like DS more than DS2,In fact,me too.When I first started playing DS1 I has not started to learn English, the game is not the first time translated into the language of our country.But I was also attracted to its profound connotation. However, if the DS1 and DS2 with the same picture quality, and at the same time in 2005 listed,DS2 will be more excellent than DS1.Because of the age of DS1 listed,many Diablo 2 mode is just a new thing,but in the years following the development has become the main trend of this type of game. So if the mode in DS3 did like DS1, rather than DS2,in my opinion this is a misunderstanding. I have also seen some posts mentioned that the DS3 difficult to meet the obsidian's fans and DS's old fans.I want to say is DS3, including the future may be the DS4,their positioning is a Diablo type RPG.As I mentioned before, return scroll, skill tree, Newgame+ mode, etc,is necessary.This is not to imitate the Diablo2 or the DS2,but these things have become a necessity for these type of games to meet the players the most basic things.Innovation and development needs while maintaining the basis of these, rather than a simple discarded. Limited English proficiency, inevitably some errors.
  3. I'm sorry my English language ability is weak,but to my favorite game,I want to say something. In my opinion,the most important place of Diablo type RPG is that the skills operability, the game repetitive and online cooperative.Dungeon Siege 3 is only the first point a little progress, the latter two less than before. I do not mean the sequel must be designed to return the original, but in the innovation, while the essence of the original there is no need to discard. Analogy, based on Dungeon Siege 2, cancel the squad mode, only to control the hero alone, add more manipulative skills, this is still the Dungeon Siege,but Dungeon Siege 3 is not. Here is what I want to see in the Dungeon Siege 4: -The skill tree, more skills,and more complex equipment systems. -Teleport and return scroll. Dungeon Siege 3 is no return scroll, directly limit the production of the map and quests.If the map is too big or task too far away let players tired of the frequent moves, if done too conservative like DS3, will lose the fun of a variety of tasks.So the teleport and return scroll is needed. -Larger and more fantasy world. The frozen mountains and the glorious mine in DS3 is doing a great job,but the previous section lack of such a fantastic atmosphere.Including the design of the monster model, there should be more different patterns of monsters and less human. -Persistent character saves and Newgame+ mode. -More than a little effort in the online and no shared screen. If Dungeon Siege 4 can really, I hope that is a great game. ????
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