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  1. Good evening all, I have just gotten around to The White March 2 this weekend and found the unique blunderbuss, Silver Flash. I noticed that the on-hit blind effect seems to inflict blind on characters, friend or foe, adjacent to the target. The weapon stats do not seem to indicate this as a possibility, "Grants Blind on Hit or Critical Hit," however it does seem to match the weapon's lore description, "...engineered to create a blinding flash when it fires..." From my limited testing, there does not appear to be any damage to adjacent targets nor does the divine mark effect seem
  2. I would like to thank and congratulate the team at Obsidian Entertainment as well. Pillars of Eternity is exactly the game that the legions of us were looking for. The story, characters, systems and gameplay all hearken back to the games that made me fall in love with RPGs to begin with while simultaneously pushing the genre forward in nearly every way. Your game is the new bar for CRPGs in general and I am beyond excited to see where the team goes with this wonderful new IP. I continuously find myself pausing during gameplay, warmly comforted by this fantastic new adventure. Here's
  3. Changing up your tactics can really help against the shadows. Keep in mind that they have high damage reduction, so you want weapons that can either reduce that or deal enough damage to get some through the reduction. Also, fire seems to work really well. Torches, Durance's staff or Aloth's fire magic will help a lot. I also found that having Durance bless the group to raise your own damage reduction worked well.
  4. A quick question to those more familiar with the game's mechanics than I, as my Google-fu has produced no solid answer for me: I have a Rogue with high intelligence and the Deep Wounds ability. Deep Wounds claims 9.7 damage over 14 second (base 10 seconds). The damage from the ability also does not seem to modify based on weapon damage, which was kind of my expected result. First off, is having higher Intelligence hurting the functionality of this ability? A lower Intelligence would likely deal the 9.7 damage over a shorter duration which would obviously be better. Second, do ap
  5. I went over my previous actions and determined that returning to Cilant Lis causes these items to disappear. In addition to the items mentioned in my previous post, the item Helm (graphic looks like a celtic spire helmet with a back lobster tail) vanishes as well. I'm playing on Expert Mode, Path of the Damned if it helps.
  6. I began having the same issue and had to reload a save from an hour or so earlier. A party member (Eder, if it matters) lost a stack of 3 Potions of Minor Endurance. When the next zone loaded up, he lost his Cloak of Minor Protection and Gaun's Pledge ring. If this continues to randomly occur between zones, it basically makes the game unplayable.
  7. Hey Obsidian, I have spent a few hours with the backer beta and filled out a sheet with my notes from the experience and am here to pass it all along to you, for what it's worth. So you know where my impressions are coming from, I have completed every Infinity Engine game multiple times as well as completing every release from both your studio and Troika. I am very familiar with this genre of work. On to the list... General Impressions: Combat XP. I know that this has been brought up a million times, but getting no experience from kills feels very wrong for a game like this. I p
  8. Hi Chris, First off, I support another game along the lines of Planescape: Torment. I recently installed the game on my wife's computer and convinced her to try it. She is an avid reader (mostly fantasy) though not much of a gamer (Chrono Trigger, FFVII and dozens of unfinished attempts at others). She rabidly tore through PS:T in a marathon of gaming which culminated with her burning 2 1/2 days of sick time last week to finish. Needless to say, I am now replaying PS:T as well. It was a joy sitting side by side with her, playing through this great game and randomly reading aloud b
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