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  1. So, if i enchant a weapon which already has an enchantment on it, like a Fine Sword, and i want to make it a Superior weapon, does the new enchantment overwrite the old one, or do both enchantments stay on the weapon, with the lower enchantment being suppressed (i assume they wont stack)?
  2. When looking at "normal" weapons/gear, you can see that they have 12 enchantment slots on them. When finding a special item early in the game, you can find that they have 2/12 slots used. When finding weapons/gear in the game, are you able to find items with more than 12 slots or is this the maximum thoughout the game?
  3. Thanks to you all. I've tried several tactics with different levels of succes; tried to funnel them in the doorway and what not. I've found indeed that fire helps and pre-buffing the group is a standard procedure. Killed the Skuldr King and his group, though, that was relatively easy. I think i'll wait till i chuck in one more level and go and try again
  4. Recently i started a new game and since i consider myself somewhat of a veteran in this genre, i picked hard-difficulty. I rolled a barbarian and most encounters are pretty challenging and occasionally require a reload. When trying to clear the temple of Ethos, however, my group of 4 cant really handel the shades/shadows, especially the larger groups with 5 enemies. I picked up Eder as a tnak, aloth and Durance and at level 3 we dont stand a chance. Am i too overeager? Is it normal to get trashed at level 3 with this group? Did you experience the same, or is this dungeon designed for higher level groups? (or: do i suck?)
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