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Hard difficulty: Barbarian and Temple of Ethos

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Recently i started a new game and since i consider myself somewhat of a veteran in this genre, i picked hard-difficulty.


I rolled a barbarian and most encounters are pretty challenging and occasionally require a reload.


When trying to clear the temple of Ethos, however, my group of 4 cant really handel the shades/shadows, especially the larger groups with 5 enemies.

I picked up Eder as a tnak, aloth and Durance and at level 3 we dont stand a chance.


Am i too overeager? Is it normal to get trashed at level 3 with this group? Did you experience the same, or is this dungeon designed for higher level groups? (or: do i suck?)

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The temple of Ethos is really hard , you should not go at low lvl since the monsters have a really hight  Deflection, making hitting them really really hard


My advice after a lot of hours of playing is .. let it for lvl 4-5 at least. You have a lot of easier things to do.

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Changing up your tactics can really help against the shadows.


Keep in mind that they have high damage reduction, so you want weapons that can either reduce that or deal enough damage to get some through the reduction.


Also, fire seems to work really well.  Torches, Durance's staff or Aloth's fire magic will help a lot.


I also found that having Durance bless the group to raise your own damage reduction worked well.

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I was able to complete that dungeon with Aloth and Eder on level 3, but it took me around ten reloads. Use fire spells in hard fights (shades,phantoms) and use the doorway tactic to kill Skuldr Kings. Shades and phantoms are weak against fire only. Shadows can be killed easily but shades actually summon shadows and the summoned shadows die when the shade dies. All these creatures have huge slashing/piercing/blunt reduction that is why you can't kill them easily. Make sure your wizard does not get close right away at the start of the fight or the shadows will jump on him.

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Thanks to you all.


I've tried several tactics with different levels of succes; tried to funnel them in the doorway and what not. I've found indeed that fire helps and pre-buffing the group is a standard procedure. Killed the Skuldr King and his group, though, that was relatively easy. 

I think i'll wait till i chuck in one more level and go and try again :)

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