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  1. /shrug worst case I mod it and blow up all the things~~
  2. I'm guessing you didn't read the other Kickstarter updates. These are only the four core classes. There are... a whole bunch of other classes too. Not to mention specialization options for each. So go forth and read! Although Obsidian hasn't detailed several of the other classes just yet. (Wait, combat isn't the focus of PE? I think you really completely missed the Kickstarter, then. The IWD series was all combat. PE is supposed to be a complete trifecta with plenty of good combat along with the narrative and questing.) Actually... uh... I kinda read em off an on >.> As lo
  3. Your classes make me feel like you have a melee tank, a ranged healer, a squishy melee dps who can escape the fight at will, and a ranged caster dps. None of these interest me particularly. Please include more options, like straight up melee dps, ranged physical dps, etc While combat really isn't the focus of your game and won't be the focus of my playthrough, at the least I'd like it to be 'okay' :|
  4. No. I get enough crappy console ports (Dark Souls) and a huge number of games that simply never make it to the PC (RDR anyone?) to even consider supporting spending the Kickstarter cash on a console version.
  5. Okay, fine. If one must trade in bodybuilders in jock straps (only) for women in bikini tops and thongs, you can have it. Of course, to prevent myself from being forced to stare at a muscular male butt for hours on end, I will simply play a female. In all seriousness, I do not object to objectification as long as it is done tastefully either. Going all out on fanservice like Queen's Blade is stupid, but a world where everyone looks ordinary, out-of-shape, and fully clothed is boring too. I play fantasy games because they're fantastical, and I like seeing physically idealistic character
  6. Do us all a favor and ignore Wulf. Please.
  7. Iiiif you're still taking suggestions, I'd like to see an isometric RPG, with walls of text, and not necessarily, but preferably a turn-based nature. I believe that this will allow you to focus almost exclusively on story, and further allow you to flesh out the world without needing to animate everything you claim the characters are saying/doing. So characterization, world-building, setting, story. Please.
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