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  1. Personally, i would like to have separate bags/belts/pockets for different purpose. Each compartment can have different mechanics. I'm taking some inspiration from the Witcher 1, Infinity engine and Arcanum. It does not have to follow this exact configuration, this is just an example an ingredients bag, which would be unlimited in volume. A pouch for gems and gold, unlimited as well. Scroll case for various papers potions / quick items belt. With a fixed number of slots. (Quick items from Baldur's Gate) A limited number of weapon slots (quick weapons from Baldur's gate) It wou
  2. Incidental loot is a good point, but finding gold on a wolf still does not feel authentic. We could find that gold on a dead body nearby instead. While with a human enemy, it would be normal to find some of that incidental loot on himself. It depends on the enemy. Random vs Determined is also a valid question, and in this regard, I personally prefer the loot to be mostly predetermined. May be a little randomization to help with variety. But the original poll remains justified, I selected the 3rd option, I like the Infinity engine system. It makes sense that i can pick whatever weapon or
  3. Thanks for asking, and I hope that this project gets real, I'll support you. First as for the type of game, I think we pretty much agree that it should be some kind of RPG. About the gameplay, I loved the style of infinity engine's games some of you at Obsidian worked on, and I would love to play more of that kind. The stuff that matter for me is : - Party based, with control over all the characters - Real time with active pause combat system. - Tactical view with free camera. - There should be other options than combat sometimes to beat an encounter: dialog, stealth, corruption,
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