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  1. I am like 10h in and so far loving every single bit and byte of it. GG Obsidian
  2. My guess, if something goes wrong at launch and needs asap fixing. chances are much better during the week than on a friday release.
  3. The above is the PC gaming equivalent of victim-blaming. "You want a bug free game? Don't play it from day one release it without adequate QA & bug fixing." is how that should read. Consoles aren't better But yeah ... 30+ hours and one single crash and thats it. Nothing broke my game ... And as always ... as harsh as it might sound ... biggest bug often is the one with the mouse & keyboard infront of the screen.
  4. Approach, run&split has been a fine weapon for me against many groups so far.
  5. How to censor video games in 5 easy steps: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CBSdd8qUUAAI6Of.png:large
  6. Oh my ... if i would start a witch hunt on everything that offends me on the internets, i'd be dead before i'm even done with 5%.
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