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  1. Really good horror is done through atmosphere, not jump scares, and that's something that holds up much better on repeated examination.
  2. Wulf, any game they do is probably going to have to be isometric because there's no way they could afford a 3D game which looks decent by today's standards on a Kickstarter budget.
  3. It's not synonymous with horror, but it is synonymous with survival horror; take the old RE games, for instance. The "survival" aspect derives from your need to control what limited resources the game offers you in order to complete it.
  4. The first hours aren't super hard, but you absolutely are very restricted in terms of what resources you have available. Powerful weapons, ammo, and healing items are all scarce. Plenty of survival horror games give the player a lot more resources by the end as well; just look at RE2 or RE3. Play smart, and you'll have quite an arsenal by the end of the game.
  5. To be fair, mixing the survival horror and RPG genre in ways that work sounds almost unfeasible. It wouldn't be too hard to make a "survival" RPG that's focused around managing meager resources and just staying alive, I don't think; the early hours of Fallout 1 & 2 are already practically this. As for the horror, that's easy enough to add in; something that plays like low-level Fallout 1/2 could easily be given horror elements.
  6. Yeah, I think the whole idea is that you don't necessarily have to appeal to the general public; you can go right to your target demographic. Granted, there will likely be considerable overlap, but there'll also be plenty of people who would drop money on an isometric RPG and not an adventure game, I'd wager.
  7. Wait, Obsidian is working on a Wheel of Time game? That will be awesome.
  8. I'd very much so prefer for you guys to develop whatever RPG idea you've no doubt had kicking around, as I'm sure that approach would yield the best results; far better to be engaged in a project which you wanted to create than have something thrust upon you by the community. That said, if it happens to be something you're interested in, a modern urban fantasy RPG would be pretty rad. Think Angel, Dresden Files (the books), or Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. I'm a huge fan of the genre, and I think it offers a ton of potential for dark, mature stories featuring deep characters in a set
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